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Korn – Start The Healing REACTION!! | NEW ALBUM SOON!! LET'S GO!!!

By Marcela Lozada / Published on Sunday, 19 Dec 2021 14:21 PM / 21 Comments / 46 views

Recorded this when the song first dropped, copywrite just now got free. So if I say anything outdated that’s why.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:55 – Reaction
5:55 – Thoughts

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21 thoughts on “Korn – Start The Healing REACTION!! | NEW ALBUM SOON!! LET'S GO!!!”

  1. I know this is Korn, but a version of the Chorus sounds like "Fuels The Comedy"… Though the guitar sounds like the beginning riff to Pantera "Walk"..

  2. Great reaction! Best Korn reaction channel! Fieldy is still in Korn but on a hiatus to focus on himself and his health. He did record bass on the album. Would love to see you react to Jonathan Davis solo album "Black Labyrinth"

  3. So…. This track is obviously first track off of requiem, released February 4th. This is the first album probably since their early works where they recorded as a five piece, as Jonathan usually isn’t involved until the instrumentals are done and he has to lay his tracks down. This is by far the shortest album they have with 9 tracks.

    There is a new producer, but he had some part in the engineering of the nothing. His track record isn’t nearly as lengthy as pretty much any other KoRn producer. This album will take you through Jonathan’s healing process, so the lyrical content won’t nearly be as dark. Munky compared the album to untouchables, as it seems to take the same tone sonically especially with guitars. Called it ‘Dystopian’, especially with the time frame it was recorded.

    The next single is due out Jan 8th or 18th I believe. It’s called Let the Dark Do the Rest (I hear a majority of the songs are way heavier than Start The Healing). And then the last track will be released right before the album release..

    I’ll quit nerding out though. Glad you enjoyed the track!

    Recommending ‘Vanilla Paste’ by Tallah though. You really enjoyed that album, so no doubt you’ll enjoy the shit out of that song.

  4. Although Untouchables wasn't a terrible album I wasn't a huge fan of it but I do like this new track from the new album. Hoping the rest of Requiem sounds similar to this track.

  5. Hey bro. Fieldy actually recorded the album then left. It’s on a Brian Head Welch interview I saw. So yeah, Fieldy is on this album.

  6. hell yea looking forward to the Requiem. Start the healing took several listens now I really like it. also got Untouchables vibes, would be great if it sounds similar (or even similar to untitled). bring on the new era of KoRn!

  7. This is a 9.5/10 for me. suffers from the same issue as cold (which would have been an 11/10). The bridge is such a tease. XD

  8. I definitely like this song, but during the bridge where it kept building up, I was hoping for a smash/breakdown before the chorus came back in.

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