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Kobe Admits He Is Michael B.Jordan With Makeup And Prosthetics😳🤯!!!

By Mellisa Roberts / Published on Sunday, 12 Sep 2021 03:18 AM / 15 Comments / 27 views



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15 thoughts on “Kobe Admits He Is Michael B.Jordan With Makeup And Prosthetics😳🤯!!!”

  1. I feel like a biopic movie is coming no offense but they should get someone else to play him not Michael b Jordan

  2. Now I see a pic where angela bassett sing with pointer sister so he not reaching as you think do u no how old these people are or if these people are real people cause bible do teach us that people live 800 n 900 years God change our living to 120 years so it's being on this planet lived 2000 years go do ur reasherch

  3. These people got the a big nerve. Then to top it off they got the number 33 on the back of his jersey! Woooow they show out with numbers. These masons showing thier hand a lot lately!

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