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Kim Kardashian Speaks The TRUTH On Kanye Cutting Her Off!!

By Walter Bernal / Published on Monday, 05 Apr 2021 18:55 PM / 2 Comments / 56 views

Kim Kardashian Speaks The TRUTH On Kanye West Cutting Her Off!!

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The married couple got together on the 24th of May in 2014. After six long years of marriage, they recently announced their divorce. We call them both divas because that’s what they are.

If you’re a fan of the Kardashians, you probably follow their 20 seasons long show called Keeping Up With The Kardashians. You would have seen how Kanye and Kim have had their ups and downs. Kanye was portrayed as an extremely difficult husband.

But if you lean towards Kanye’s side, you might see Kim as an over-the-top, unnecessarily fake, and pretentious wannabe celebrity. Leaving all and every biased opinion aside, today we’re finally discussing their divorce. What made their break up, what was their last straw, and what are they saying about each other.

You might wonder, why does it matter? There are so many celeb couples that break up, why should we talk about these two? Well, Kanye and Kim had become sort of a powerful duo. They have four kids together: North, Chicago, Saint, and Psalm West. Their divorce is even more interesting because of the money.

Keeping up with the Kardashians has captured many fights. The biggest ones being Kim refusing to find Kanye a band-aid, Kanye feeling neglected after the birth of their kids, and his insistence about her Met Gala dress being too revealing.

Kanye also went as far as to openly announce that while pregnant with their first baby girl, North West, Kim was actually contemplating abortion. We’re not saying that coming out and going public about something that is so sensitive and should stay between the four walls when you’re part of a married couple because the life of his daughter and her self-esteem and her relationship with her parents will be affected, but… nevermind, that’s exactly what we’re saying.

Perhaps him doing this was a rather rash, unreasonable, not well-thought-out, impulsive action on his side.

For this particular action, there’s no rescuing him. But Kanye has done a lot of things over which he’s publicly gotten hate. Let’s not forget how he insulted Taylor Swift, who, by the way, was compared to Kanye in the middle of reaping the initial benefits of her hard work.

That’s far from the worst thing Kanye has done. When on an interview with TMZ Live Kanye said that slavery was a choice, he probably received more backlash than ever before. When this happened, Kanye admitted he was scared Kim would leave him. And for someone that takes her career so seriously, we wouldn’t have been surprised if Kim actually had.

But Kanye has admitted that he fell short in “covering her like she covered” him. And perhaps that’s true. Time and again we’ve seen Kim jump to Kanye’s side, but how many times have we seen him have her back?

This definitely was a life-changing experience for her that prompted her to make her life even more private. We cannot forget that Kanye has had a big crush on Kim since 2004. He’s given her multiple tributes in his songs, has bought her personalized gifts, and has definitely shown her love.

Kanye apparently has bipolar disorder and Kim came forth to talk about how it is extremely painful and complicated when a loved one is dealing with something like that.

In February 2021, Kim had had enough. Her lawyers filed for divorce, and they’re discussing joint legal and physical custody of their four kids. From calling him her “soulmate” in 2016 to having “settlement talks” in 2021, their relationship sunk to the bottom.

When these rumors started floating about, Kanye’s fans definitely antagonized Kim. The drama on Keeping Up with the Kardashians is seen as irreverent and irritating.

Who has more money? Altogether the couple has a whopping 2.1 billion dollars in assets. At first glance, Kanye is the richer of the two. He’s got about 1.3 billion dollars. But, it’s all tied up in his apparel company Yeezy, and is illiquid.

He owns 100% of the company and gets about 11% of its annual revenue.

The KKW Beauty owner, on the other hand, has 780 million dollars. The fortune is a lot less than West’s, but it is more liquid. Her stake at the beauty brand is 72%, bringing her 500 million dollars.
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2 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Speaks The TRUTH On Kanye Cutting Her Off!!”

  1. Without KUWTK and Kanye Kim has NOTHING left to stay relevant or entertain the world with….she is shallow and extremely dull it’s everyone else like (ie:Paris Hilton who got Kim to where she is!!) Kanye has BPD but Kim has NPD.
    Kanye net worth $300 million cash
    Kim $100 million cash.

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