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Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Reunite 5 Months After Divorce Filing

By Jennifer Meneses / Published on Tuesday, 20 Jul 2021 23:19 PM / 13 Comments / 12 views

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reunite at an art museum amid their divorce. Normani’s alleged sample of the late singer Aaliyah has her uncle’s blessing. Plus – Lil Nas X makes video parodying his upcoming Nike trial.

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West reunite at an art museum amid their divorce.


13 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Reunite 5 Months After Divorce Filing”

  1. I need to check out that new music video and lord Kanye hates KYLIE Jenner he loves to expose her so I hate him

  2. This was my comment towards black berri but the person took it off. This was the first comment on this board, the comment thread starter took it down. He's a manipulator and doesn't take the kindness of others seriously. He stole my accounts and now he's Nas x? No he's made me out to be a liar. Marcos Ibrahim who has manipulated this whole situation for 18 years now. Time I can never get back and logs into my accounts while I'm sleeping to spite me, because he can just go through my books of my login information and passwords. He's a stalker and lies on me makes my local precinct protect him and lie on me. Made my health worse, family broken and he lives here and doesn't wanna leave. He's part of lying on me and so is cardi b…. And my program is being controlled by another couple of people who have lied on me and my siblings and have problems with my parents. All controlling my social media, emails that I never got back. He, Marcos has links to sending my sister to Ohio through the lies that were told about me. My other two brothers are being harassed and silenced by people linked to my old myspace. Connected my profile with people that I didn't speak to for literally a decade plus. Even girl I was in FOSTERCARE will lie. And she's friends with my sister online and harassing her and my family members through blackmail of these lies. The embarrassment and silencing. Many politicians and celebrities are involved. Even the courts don't want to give me my records or tell me them, lie to me to give them my social security number to look up my file. Yet or says on the court site you are not supposed to give personal information over the phone, they aren't even supposed to look your stuff up, only tell you how to apply to get that information. Kanye west is silencing Kim and my whole family and is indirectly blackmailing my sibling due to my issues. Actually he is the one who is imprisoning me and Kim and my family. If someone is lying on me, they are a liar, aren't they?

  3. Y'all ppl weird. Y'all will never leave celebrities alone. They still people too. Just bc they are seen with one another doesn't mean much. If they're working out then let them. Stop shoving your noses up their ass

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