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This week’s episode of The Kardashians opened with Kim Kardashian talking about protecting her kids.

She worked overtime to actively shield them from learning about their father’s most vile antics. North is getting older, and hiding her from the truth is getting harder.

On a not-unrelated note, Kim read some complaints that critics had about Season 2 of the show — accusing her and Khloe of holding too much back from the cameras.

While Khloe explained why The Kardashians didn’t cover more of the Tristan mess, Kim spoke about their family’s future on TV.

Early on Season 3, Episode 2 of The Kardashians, a tearful Kim Kardashian despaired over the situation with her toxic, out-of-control ex. (Hulu)

Kim’s conversation with Kris about shielding her kids from Kanye West’s high-profile meltdowns and scandals was not irrelevant.

It was arguably an example of walking the delicate line between showing all that they can and … things that are impossible to film.

As Kim noted, she can’t just send camera crews to film Ye against his will. Especially when the two were no longer speaking.

Speaking to the confessional camera on Season 3, a tearful Kim Kardashian vowed to protect her kids from unpleasant truths while she still can. (Hulu)

She then opened up about how much she was willing to endure silently to protect her kids.

Even if North doesn’t currently know the extent of Kanye’s antics — thanks to extreme censorship of all entertainment at home, Kim said — she’ll know it all one day.

But if there are things that a tearful Kim can hold back, then she feels that she’s doing her kids a favor. Is she?

Believe it or not, Kim Kardashian and her relatives read and discuss what people say about them. Sometimes it’s smart, and sometimes it’s super unhealthy. (Hulu)

Later in the episode, Kim sat down with quasi-brother-in-law Scott Disick (he and Kourtney never married, but whatever, we all know his role in the family) and Khloe.

Seated on a massive sofa, they discussed the critical response from fans and bloggers after Season 2 of The Kardashians.

As Kim explained, people felt that they held back too much about their lives — Kim and Khloe, specifically.

Khloe Kardashian reacted with shock as she heard that some people didn’t think that she shared enough after her ex’s billionth cheating incident. (Hulu)

Kim loves “getting the feedback” after airing, but she was quick to emphasize how much she shared.

And how much Khloe shared.

They felt that they shared “everything” and allowed themselves to “be so vulnerable” on camera.

According to Kim Kardashian, they “filmed everything” from various dramatic moments of their lives — not holding as much back from The Kardashians viewers as people imagined. (Hulu)

But from Khloe’s surrogacy to the Tristan Thompson drama and beyond, it seemed to some viewers like they were playing things too close to the vest.

Was this intentional?

Or were there other factors that made aspects of their lives more or less impossible to cover on the show?

This massive sofa dwarfs Kim Kardashian, Scott Disick, and Khloe Kardashian on Season 3 of The Kardashians. (Hulu)

Flaunting her nails on the large sofa, Khloe Kardashian recalled having been in denial about things. Yeah. (Hulu)

So, Khloe went through humiliation after humiliation.

Though she certainly made mistakes, Tristan Thompson was the one who did the cheating. Again and again and again.

But Khloe wasn’t sure how she didn’t cover that enough, or her surrogacy situation, on camera.

Kim Kardashian clarified what the critics were saying during a Season 3 episode of The Kardashians. (Hulu)

According to Kim, the consensus among some bloggers was that Khloe spoke about so much of it “after the fact.”

In other words, it felt to viewers like Khloe only described this pain and heartbreak to viewers. Which is not really how most of the drama on reality TV is supposed to work.

But maybe there is a very good reason for that.

Khloe Kardashian very fairly wondered how she could possibly cover something with reality TV cameras that she had not processed in her own mind. (Hulu)

As Khloe explained, she was more or less in denial about the situation for a long time.

(We sort of knew, but it’s good that she understands that now)

Khloe had to process a lot before she could come to terms with the fact that Tristan had cheated, impregnated another woman, and then signed off on implanting an embryo in a gestational carrier knowing that he was having another kid.

For Season 3, Khloe Kardashian’s konfessional look was this gorgeous electric blue. (Hulu)

To highlight how much she shares, Khloe spoke to the confessional camera.

Wearing a stunning blue turtleneck, she cited an example of her transparency.

Khloe noted that she has real fears that she may have skin cancer — on her face.

It was while speaking to the camera that Khloe Kardashian noted fears that she might have skin cancer on her face. (Hulu)

“I do have to have a surgery,” Khloe told the producer.

“And,” she continued, “we will see how much spread … and if they can get it all.”

That is certainly frightening. Frankly, no one is entitled to her personal medical information. Being a public figure and a reality star becomes so complex.

Producers and viewers alike felt concern when Khloe Kardashian shared her cancer fears. (Hulu)

“It’s hard when you start dating someone and you live your life on a reality show,” Kim then added. She was talking about Pete Davidson.

She grew very defensive about how she did (eventually) meet fan demands to have Pete on the show. Even though she had never really wanted that for him, since he is not really a reality star.

Ultimately, Kim summarized: “I will always want to film and give our all.”

Kim Kardashian Defends Keeping Some Things Private on The Kardashians: I Give It My All, … was originally published on The Hollywood Gossip.

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