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J’ouvert Rum?!!! Cultural appropriation strikes again/#SkingloNafro

By Robert Masters / Published on Monday, 21 Jun 2021 10:19 AM / 5 Comments / 58 views

Michael b Jordan has created a rum called ‘J’ouvert’ is this your king?!! #michaelbjordan #skinglonafro
Link to article:


5 thoughts on “J’ouvert Rum?!!! Cultural appropriation strikes again/#SkingloNafro”

  1. I’m from Trinidad and I think you may have misinterpreted the trademark.This only applies to his rum and does not apply for descriptive use.It is also a territorial trademark, meaning it applies only to the US and nowhere else.The point of the trademark is only to stop US competitors from producing another rum named “J’Ouvert” and not to stop people from using the word for all other products in general.Look at 1:05 you can see the trademark application only says for rum it can be applied to.You can read more in this article:

  2. If Caribbean's and other foreign Blacks are gonna be that fussy over a drink, then Black Americans need to be more protective over their culture. No one should be allowed to profit off of our culture except for us.

  3. Skinglo, you're channel is a tall glass of ice cold sanity in a heatwave of stupid, great topic. You're videos are always informative.

    This is why I said that even if I am Black, I don't have the right to use other Black people's culture, I'm not from the Caribbean. I don't even try to appropriate southern culture and I'm from the States, I'm northern of course. Sure, I like the foods however, I'm not going to use the culture for my benefit, it's not my place.

    And yeah, that's like someone making a Hawaiian styled alcohol and leaving off one of the islands.

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