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John's Birthday Stream – Keira Knightley's Performances | Cinematic Realms

By Marian Meyer / Published on Sunday, 04 Apr 2021 15:54 PM / 1 Comment / 9 views

We’re back! It’s time to celebrate John’s birthday, so before we launch the podcast, John & Amy are holding a special livestream to mark the occasion and talk about their favorite topic – Academy Award nominated actor Keira Knightley! They’ll be talking about her performances the films they love most.

The stream will also double as an AMA, so come ask questions! Whether they’re Keira-related, or you just want to ask John some questions on his B-day, ask away!

Screen Talk – Keira Knightley | BFI London Film Festival 2018:

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One thought on “John's Birthday Stream – Keira Knightley's Performances | Cinematic Realms”

  1. Catching up on what I missed on.

    Curses. I'll probably miss out on the opening of the next Bleep, but I /will/ be there.

    Everyone SHOULD be prepared to watch Bad Batch!!

    I really haven't seen enough classic films. It's a true shame…but I'm not sure I'd have to give that a thought.

    I didn't see Citizen Kane until my first film studies course. I appreciate it, but I didn't enjoy it.

    My love of Wicked may make me 'basic' but hot dang I love it. I was able to see it in Boston and NYC. I don't cry a lot experiencing fiction. Boston left me in /shreds/ and Christina's performance turned me from finding Glinda slightly annoying to being a complete stan.

    While I'd feel bad picking a favorite b/w because of classics…There is something amazing about B/W filming. But B/W is why I freakin' love Hitchcock.

    Sooo…Hiro Nakamura from Heroes? Actually I can't remember how his worked.

    We will eventually get you on the ATLA train.

    Hey, as a hockey fan I'll protect you from that one! But my ability is limited as it's the only one I follow and haven't been for /that/ long as compared to others.

    That's amazing that you made it that far in FL Uni. I think you should be really proud of what you've brought to this community.

    Oh wow. I'm not sure what my fav. Movie kiss is…but from a silly fannish perspective not story/narrative…First X-Files movie because it was my first rabid shipper experience and (at the time my shorter than others) long wait had paid off.

    There was a radio interview with Amy Lee from Evanescence and she noted Amadeus as being a huge influence on her musically.

    Also, if you don't mind answering… can you remember what the first film or song you heard that really kindled your love for film/music.

    2021 was actually really good for me in some ways too. Even if that feels terrible to say.

    Your bday may now be passed but I hope the following year is full of blessings!

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