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Johnny Depp’s Defamation Trial BEGINS! Early Details on the Mind Set of the Public!

By Lynn Hopkins / Published on Tuesday, 12 Apr 2022 03:21 AM / 15 Comments / 17 views

Johnny Depp’s Defamation Trial BEGINS! Early Details on the Mind Set of the Public!

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15 thoughts on “Johnny Depp’s Defamation Trial BEGINS! Early Details on the Mind Set of the Public!”

  1. Thanks for stopping by! I have no idea how my upload schedule will go. Just gonna try and get a video out as news comes in. Appreciate all the support since I’ve been covering this.

  2. If for some reason this goes in the way of Amanda My first thought would be who did she screw on the jury….or how many….just sayin….evil knows no bounds….

  3. The only way she became a blip on the map was by marrying Johnny Depp… Otherwise nobody ever would have known who she was because she's not a very good actress and she would always be a Lesser B, C, or D performer.

  4. In my opinion the biggest and most obvious lie she told was when she did that deposition in the UK. She was listening to a tape of JD hiding in the bathroom to get away from her and she bare faced lied to that lawyer claiming she was the one hiding and trying to keep him out. I don't understand why they aren't exposing that obvious lie. It proves without any doubt she lied about the abuse? Are they going to be able to use information from that case at his trial?

  5. I was really surprised that JD and AH were there for jury selection. I’m not that familiar with jury selection (just that I try to get out of it) but I think it’s weird that they were sitting there while being picked. I bet even you are a so-called AH fan, I am sure seeing ALL the proof of her lies they will switch teams.

  6. Darth was busy talking to the geese, amber's allegedly supporters outside the court. Lol. Hope johnny got his justice this time. Amber boo yaaaa


  8. He's doing good Johnny I'll be praying for you tomorrow morning he will get his Justice Johnny I'm happy one of the jury said that that was awesome

  9. You know if a vocal supporter for either side gets picked. Somebody they know will drop a dime. Either for fair justice or envy or revenge. If that happens the judge word sequester the juriery and lawyers and judges would interrogate or immediately dismiss

  10. Support Depp all the way. Justice for Depp. Your channel prospered around Johnny Depp news buddy

  11. Justice for johnny ,on our local t.v they mentioned the trial starts today the jury selection they interviewed a lady from Australia that went over there to show support .

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