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JOHNNY DEPP v Amber Heard (The Sun) | Amber Heard WITNESS Statement (5 of 7) Full Readthrough

By Leonard Lemon / Published on Friday, 19 Feb 2021 12:54 PM / 17 Comments / 182 views

This video Johnny Depp v Amber Heard is a full readthrough of Amber Heard’s fifth witness statement from the UK trial.

This is one of multiple videos to be released every 2-3 days, each covering another witness statement from the Johnny Depp v The Sun trial in the UK.

Big thanks to Les for doing the voice over for each female witness.
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17 thoughts on “JOHNNY DEPP v Amber Heard (The Sun) | Amber Heard WITNESS Statement (5 of 7) Full Readthrough”

  1. Sweet lord.i am concerned about the amount of head shaking and eye rolling I am undergoing. I hope there are no long term consequences!

  2. Interesting Danny boy was just accused of being a predator after feigning innocents such as Amber…..birds of a feather

  3. 29:10 Johnny shouldn't have paid for those Australian legal bills. What Amber put Kevyn Murphy and Kate James thru was despicable. Amber made this bed, he should've just let her lay in it, instead of enabling it

  4. 28:04 Why would Johnny want his dogs with him in Australia? cuz he would be filming and be on set the entire time and would barely get time to spend with the dogs. But I can see why Amber would wanna bring her dogs cuz she was probably bored while Johnny was on set so she would want her dogs as company.

  5. 19:48 Johnny has dated women EVEN younger than Amber. And he's pretty much always dated younger women. Why would he all of a sudden develop an insecurity about age differences in his 50s?? She's a liar…. and not a very good one. And johnny uses the term "kid" often describing women. He's even called Gwyneth Paltrow "kid". It's an iconic line from Casablanca which I'm presuming Johnny is a fan of that film

  6. Johnny should've never allowed that abusive woman around his kids. Her abusive tendencies were already showing by march 2013. It was very irresponsible

  7. She had a restraining order against him and allegations of his abuse by her. So she I guess believes that Johnny shouldn't defend himself. Only her. But even though there was that restraining order, she still called and went to see him at a hotel in San Francisco. She's such a liar.

  8. 10:00 Such a low-blow and gross thing to do by bringing his kids into this. She knows Johnny would never bring his kids to testify in court to refute her witness statement. God I hate her so much

  9. 7:52 the way she tries to discredit him. Johnny hid in the bathroom cuz bathrooms have locks and it was so he could lock amber out so she couldn't get to him and abuse him.

  10. She was still trying to isolate her victim 6:50 by trying to covnice him the people around him can;t be trusted and that she is the only person he can trust. That's typical abuser language

  11. …. Les. How angry did you get from reading that twisted garbage? Yet, another reading that made me feel like scratching my face and struggle to finish. I'm going to take this slow for I want to feel happier on my Fridays.

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