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JOHNNY DEPP v Amber Heard (The Sun) | Amber Heard WITNESS Statement (4 of 7) Full Readthrough

By Luz Anderson / Published on Friday, 19 Feb 2021 12:54 PM / 13 Comments / 10 views

This video Johnny Depp v Amber Heard is a full readthrough of Amber Heard’s fourth witness statement from the UK trial.

This is one of multiple videos to be released every 2-3 days, each covering another witness statement from the Johnny Depp v The Sun trial in the UK.

Big thanks to Les for doing the voice over for each female witness.
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13 thoughts on “JOHNNY DEPP v Amber Heard (The Sun) | Amber Heard WITNESS Statement (4 of 7) Full Readthrough”

  1. Just waiting for Lesley to end the final Amber statement video with only one sentence, " *sigh… Sick evil b****." I would definitely stand up and clap if she does that. Stevie, tell Lesley to make it happen.

  2. Johnny didn't give interviews until after AH did. Then he defended himself about the allegations AH talked about in her interviews. What a load of poop! Humanitarian? Far from it.

  3. Like always that all is jd's fault, she is a liar, that is what she really is, amber turd needs to face her own mistakes, instead of blaming to everyone

  4. AH is the most disgusting woman I ever seen in my life and she is so evil she keeps blaming Johnny over and over again she makes me so sick

  5. AH can wish JD to go into depression and leave this world but he wont JD will be happy and WITHOUT her or anyone else to bring him down he will have his happly ever after and he will smile for many years to come I promise you that much AH has NOTHING left to trash but her self and JD will come out stronger then ever out of all of this and he will have one thing AH will never have SOME ONE WHO TRULEY AND DEEPLY LOVES HIM.

  6. “All I wanted to do was move on” “I wanted to be left alone” and yet she spent that last 4 years talking about her divorce from Johnny in interviews, especially during the Aquaman press tour. And she was trying to get into contact with Johnny after the divorce in 2017 through Christian Carino In which she goes on about missing Johnny and called Elon just a rebound. She’s a clown but not a particularly funny one.

  7. OMG she is the one that filed for a restraining order because he wouldn't cowtow to her demands. She's the one that wrote an oped detailing how she was a victim of dv. She is the one who released a partial video to TMZ to try and discredit Johnny! And now she is trying to say its all his fault! Me thinks the "lady" doth protest too much. So what exactly was she testifying to in that statement? Sounded like bs to me.

  8. I so appreciate you for bringing this out there, so everyone who wants to can see/hear for themselves what AH has actually claimed. Great work and well done. …however, I can't bring myself to listen to it. Sorry. I tried listening to your first reading of her testimony and just couldn't get through it. I simply can't stomach her lies.
    I got through Johnny's fine. I guess truth is just easer to listen to, even when it's heartbreaking.

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