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Johnny Depp UK APPEAL announcement!

By Yolanda Petty / Published on Thursday, 25 Mar 2021 00:55 AM / 11 Comments / 200 views

11 thoughts on “Johnny Depp UK APPEAL announcement!”

  1. TUG and your chat has just been taken down ! I stopped to take a call, tried to go back and it’s gone !

  2. Johnny Depp has already won his case in the court of public opinion. He has the LOVE and support of the entire world.

  3. Cross our fingers for JD at the UK hearing! Lets hope Les & Stevie are not plotting against you, Shelby!!! Brahahaha!

  4. hi dr soup hoping and praying for good luck for Johnny he so deserves it. ah has been able to get away with her lies because of a biased judge nichol or a paid off nichol by ah or musky .finally the world can see what an evil person ah is how she is incapable of telling the truth. And her own dr said she is a scoipath narcissist Johnny took her to a dr to get help this is how she repaid him for his kindness. everyone loves Johnny depp the world over because Jd has a big heart and is always donating money or helping homeless people always has time for as he said the people that's why he has won so many people's choice awards because Jd is that generous kind very humble and gentle man so sad he ever met that witch the turd I am waiting for the day warner brothers fires her lieing ass and ah is black listed in Hollywood so no studio will hire her. she can go back to her dancing. so we never have to see her evil lieing Succubus face again. sorry for the rant hoping so much these Judges have been listening now see amber heard for the lier she is and finally # Justice for Johnny

  5. Fingers crossed the appeal will be allowed to go ahead, the hearing for it seemed to go well but we’ve been fooled before so just keeping the faith over here

  6. UK Court justice may fail again, as they are to proud to admit errors, but we are NOT giving up. I am not sure if after Brexit UK is still under the European Court of Human Rights. I've read somewhere that this may be JD legal team next step, if appeal is not granted. Pls correct me if I am wrong

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