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Hi Guys, This reading forms part of the depravity series I’m doing. I suspected going into this reading what the outcome would be and it was confirmed so no major surprises here depending on what side of the fence you’re on.

There are no sides taken in this reading, I’m being impartial and just reading the cards. Note any form of violence regardless of the perpetrator is unacceptable. I hope this gives insight into how a situation can escalate out of control. There are valuable life lessons and takeaways from observing the experiences of others and that is what all my readings are about, in particular the depravity series.

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🍿📽️1) Introduction – 0:01
🍿📽️2) Reading on current energies between Johnny & Amber – 4:00
🍿📽️3) What the relationship between Johnny & Amber was REALLY like / Astrology placements –
📽️Amber Heard’s first impression of Johnny & their relationship – 21:00
📽️What Johnny Depp thought of Amber Heard during the relationship – 24:50 / 26:29
🍿📽️5) Who is leaking deceptive stories to the public? Johnny or Amber or BOTH? – 33:53
🍿📽️6) Immediate future for both Johnny & Amber – 31:48 / 51:00

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