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JLO and AROD Broke up! Oh no wait, they’re back together! They’re just taking things slowly. The world is stable folks, everything is going to be okay. How is this news? BTW, JLO was engaged a total of 5 times including being engaged to AROD. She is currently tied with Kobe Bryant with 5 rings. If she should split up with AROD, she’ll still be hot enough to get engaged again, with a bigger and 6th diamond. But if that happens, then the world beware of Thanos.

Cardi B. performed at the grammy’s this past Sunday. And she must have been bad because the ratings were at an all-time low. They went from 19 million people watching last year to only 8.8 million watching this year. Not sure what the problem could’ve been. They were generous to carefully block off the curses from the song while she air-humped/scissored Megan Thee Stallion.

All I’m saying is that the world is going to cancel Pepe Le Pew for supposedly promoting rape culture. Then we should at the very least ask Cardi not to promote sex in public culture.

The Democrats are asking Governor Cuomo to resign due to sexual allegations against him. Even before an investigation. Looks like the Democrats weren’t convinced in Cuomo’s resignation before with his nursing home scandal which resulted in thousands of deaths.

AstraZeneca vaccinations! They are now temporarily banned in Europe because they cause blood clots. Countries like Italy, Germany, and France, now face thousands of new cases after the halt. Countries like India are continuing regardless. The World Health Organization hopes that Europe will resume immediately to get everything under control.

This is not an easy decision to make. Do we risk negative side effects in an effort to stop the spread, or do we wait for an alternative solution while practicing social distancing and wearing masks? What do you think? Please comment below.

Illegal border crossings are at an all-time high since the Biden administration took over. Donald Trump was criticized for being too strict on this and now, Joe Biden is being criticized for not being strict at all.

When asked in an interview, Biden said “”Yes. I can say quite clearly don’t come.” Looks like Biden changed his tone on immigration all of a sudden.

Presidents like Clinton, Bush, and Obama have said before that we need to be tough on our borders. Former President Trump just communicated that the wrong way.


#StopAsianHate is FINALLY trending. Hate crimes against the Asian community were going on for many many months and no-one said a word, except for Asian people. I called out the woke white people on super late news part 4 for being asleep and All it took for WOKE White people to finally wake up is for a WHITE man to commit the crime.

May the lives lost rest in peace. We really need to help the Asian community fight this. There have been woke liberals saying that it isn’t #StopAsianHate, but Stop White Terrorism. Stopping white terrorism is important, but unfortunately, the Asian community isn’t just being targeted by white people. So we need to emphasize stopping Asian hate.
TransWomen are now real women is a thing. And if you say otherwise or refuse to date a trans woman, then you are a transphobic person. I think that we’re forgetting that besides preference, maybe someone wants to have children, and perhaps that is a good reason not to call someone transphobic. For the same reason, men shouldn’t get bent out of shape if they are rejected by a woman because they’re not a lawyer, a doctor, or someone who has money. Just a preference.

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