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Jennifer Lopez meditates while Ben Affleck takes a smoke break | Page Six Celebrity News

By Bettye Metz / Published on Wednesday, 26 May 2021 22:54 PM / 4 Comments / 19 views

Jennifer Lopez was the picture of peace while meditating in Miami while on-again beau Ben Affleck puffed on his cancer sticks.

The “Shotgun Wedding” actress looked ethereal in a flowing white jumpsuit as she meditated on the dock of the home she’s renting with the Oscar winner. A sloppy Affleck, meanwhile, smoked a cigarette on their balcony and nursed a canned beverage.

Even though Lopez seems to be attempting to get Affleck into some sort of physical shape — she dragged him to Anatomy gym on Monday — it’s clear he can’t kick the ciggies, which have become as much of a mainstay for him during the COVID-19 pandemic as his Dunkin’ coffee order.

In April 2020, the 48-year-old actor was spotted with then-girlfriend Ana de Armas folding his mask up above his mouth and over his nose so that he could fully enjoy his cig, defeating the purpose of the protective face covering. But nothing gets in between Affleck and his guilty pleasures.

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