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Jeffree Star LASHES OUT at Britney Spears Drama

By Jeffrey Martinez / Published on Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021 09:21 AM / 8 Comments / 22 views

Britney Spears deleted the IG post where she praises Jeffree Star, and Ms. Star was unable to handle it. Here are our thoughts…
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8 thoughts on “Jeffree Star LASHES OUT at Britney Spears Drama”

  1. During the holidays I wish I was rich, vapid, and soulless as Jay Starz. Holiday depression is a hell ova drug.

  2. Jeff is just mad cos he's abt to lose that dang mansion cos nobody wants his racist makeup, and he was hoping for that Britney money lmao

  3. With the way Britney has been controlled and had nothing to accept for herself, I’d actually be surprised if all business aren’t sending her PR. If I were a business owner, you best believe I’d be sending her my stuff. I’m totally curious now, what her PR/mail looks like. Must be insane.also, if I were Skechers, I’d for sure send her my shoes! Lol!

  4. I hate to agree with JS, but he was absolutely right in being disgusted and calling out folks who were telling Britney what to do. I mean, every single person who had something to tell Britney on her IG, needs to be blocked. If they can’t see the error in their way, by telling Britney what she should/shouldn’t do, then they should be silenced. It’s so gross to me, how these so-called fans didn’t see a problem with their comments on Brit’s IG.

  5. When he was mad about jc was being taken down and he said Nate and the twins were going to talk against him. All the stuff he has done people can't forgive him.

  6. he wants everyone to forget what he did bc he forgot it. so when people show up and stop him from reaching a vulnerable person everyone is a bully. but let's not forget all of the videos he did about shayla. what he said about jackie. what he sent to james. how he let the internet bully manny and laura. but everyone that warned brittany is a bully

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