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Jeffree Star & Bethany Mota FEUD?

By Enrique Daniels / Published on Saturday, 19 Jun 2021 21:19 PM / 16 Comments / 63 views

This has us SHOOOOK!
Did Beauty Vlogger Bethany Mota steal from Jeffree Star!? We’ll tell you what’s going down and how Shane Dawson plans to spill the tea on the entire beauty community. Two weeks ago, one fan tweeted, “Soooo @BethanyMota is this you or nah selling these from @JeffreeStar?” They then posted 3 screenshots from an app called Poshmark, a place where people are able to sell clothing, makeup and accessories. In the screenshot, “Bethany Mota” had all of the concealers lined up and wrote, “Never taken out of box. Sources straight from the manufacturer. And the kicker, the last sentence read, in all capital letters, “THESE WEREN’T STOLEN” Except yes, they probably were. Some are reporting this is a stolen PR package that was meant to be sent to someone who reviews makeup before the release.
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16 thoughts on “Jeffree Star & Bethany Mota FEUD?”

  1. It doesn’t sound like her. Not only is she one the least problematic people but I’m pretty sure she has enough money to where she doesn’t need to sell stolen makeup on poshmark especially under her real name

  2. I hate how she got dragged into this. If anyone knows beth they'd know that she's would NEVER do anything like this

  3. Its not that hard to open something with fake name … lol like me bethanys pic OMG DONT RUIN MY CAREER

  4. excuse me???? why is this even a thing? Bethany is literally the polar opposite of a thief, it was clearly a fake account lol.

  5. His concealers suck just as much as his whole over priced line. He is quick to judge other brands badly but as soon as they do with him he is cursing ppl out and yelling lawsuits. Someone needs to calm this racist man down

  6. Bethany is my cousin and she would never steal from Jeffrey star she is a sweet and kind loving girl she would never do anything like that.

  7. No I haven't tried his controller and I would never try it it's so expensive get over yourself Jeffree Star sorry get over it Hollywood Hollywood by PS Love Texas

  8. This is definitely not Bethany..because Bethany never gets into drama plus… ofc you can’t say “these were stolen” then say.. “These were not stolen” so Uhm that’s defo something Beth will say… plus there’s tons of Bethany M’s on posh mark.

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