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Jamie Dornan Felt "Second Rate" To Keira Knightley | Rumour Juice

By Corinne Rodriguez / Published on Friday, 08 Apr 2022 22:21 PM / 25 Comments / 20 views

How could we forget that Keira Knightley and Jamie Dornan were together? They were an iconic couple in the early 2000s, and yet their relationship ended before it even got the chance to flourish. It seemed as though her fame and popularity were overpowering, and Dornan became riddled with self-doubt as he slowly faded into the background.

0:00 Her fame were overpowering
2:15 Keira had “shed a river of tears”
4:00 He wasn’t “bringing home the bread”
6:00 Jamie’s steamy romance on set of Fifty Shades of Grey?
7:48 Keira never thought she’d get married

Jamie Dornan Felt “Second Rate” To Keira Knightley | Rumour Juice

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25 thoughts on “Jamie Dornan Felt "Second Rate" To Keira Knightley | Rumour Juice”

  1. All these comments about Jamie being insecure are nonsense. They were two young adults in their 20s and it just didn’t work out. They have both found their loves and are happy in their marriages.

  2. Stay strong stay safe everyone stay strong stay safe sending luck hugs love from UK takecare xxx

  3. Amelia Waren che pesi.deve sopportare no non è semplice essere la moglie di un attore .
    Diventi un cervo ..

  4. Jamie is a happily married man now. No regrets. He has tasted success on both personal and professional fronts

  5. Jamie Dornan seems like a traditional kind of man who wanted to take care of his family … not BE TAKEN CARE OF. I totally respect that. He has a protector type personality which is why he protects his family from the salacious media, and feels good about providing for them. Everyone’s different which is why his relationship with Kiera ended , and looking from the outside in was most likely the best for both of them. It doesn’t make him a bad guy … just not the guy for her.

  6. The fragility and insecurity some men have. It’s really sad. She absolutely deserves her husband, who isn’t afraid of her success.

  7. I'm glad Kiera found a lovable person like her coz I didn't like that ungrateful insecure ex boyfriend. Whether he like it or not Kiera gave her a hand on his acting career.

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