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iJustine Reveals Her World Famous DJ Dog!… & Her Three Biggest Mistakes

By David Mabry / Published on Tuesday, 15 Jun 2021 17:19 PM / 9 Comments / 79 views

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9 thoughts on “iJustine Reveals Her World Famous DJ Dog!… & Her Three Biggest Mistakes”

  1. I’ve been watching Ijustine from the beginning and I’m just amazed at her
    She has never been in any drama, she is humble, kind and have you noticed she DOESN’T age?? She’s beautiful!!

  2. First step of learning traditional DJ-ing is to queue up the next song while the current one plays for the dance floor. Next step is learning to cross fade with matching rhythm beats so an entire night of partying just flows together. This includes learning to shift the exact point the next song starts (by slowly scratching the one that is still not live), and choosing the right moment to start it (by letting it run like unleashing a dog). These skills (and musical taste) should be enough to DJ for parties, extra skills are needed for rap/hip-hop.

  3. Yay! Another Tech YouTuber! Please Phil reach out to LinusTechTips, Hardware Unboxed, Hardware Canucks, Paul's Hardware, Bitwit, OzTalksHW, Der8bauer, Gamers Nexus, and now my brain has hit a wall. please other comments; LIST MORE Tech YouTubers here

  4. Justine, you should do a giveaway, give it to someone who really wants to be a DJ but doesn't have the means to, like you do. Don't let it go to waste.

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