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I Was TRAPPED UNDERWATER for 36 Hours – My Story Animated by That's My Story

By Deborah Burns / Published on Saturday, 10 Jul 2021 11:20 AM / 19 Comments / 12 views

Azzyland I Was Trapped Underwater for 36 Hours – My Story Animated by That’s My Story

watch them :

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19 thoughts on “I Was TRAPPED UNDERWATER for 36 Hours – My Story Animated by That's My Story”

  1. Eww, They Got Wet Hair…Lying On The Side…Sand + Water On Hair = Sand Stuck In Hair For Months!

  2. “The Boat Sank”

    Me: Hmm, This is Familiar A Familiar,

    Not About Julie Going Missing But The Rest Of It..

    This is Kinda like “The Titanic”

    “It Started To Sink”

    And She Put An Ambulance, “Wait, Until Help Comes” Girl, You On An Island, Underwater, Nobody Will Find You, By Time A Boat Drives By Or A Submarqine Underwater! It Would Of Filled Up, Completely!

    Like, It Did In The Future, Molly, The Boat Sinks In The Future!

  3. The Reason,
    The Picture Makes Her Like Him Even Less Is Because,
    He Is Showing Off How Rich He Is And Acting Spoiled.
    I Am A YouTube Detective I Find Anything Sis,

    “Don’t Be Suspicious, Don’t Be Suspicious!”

  4. hi azzy ur my fav tyber i started watching you when i was 5 now im 8 tysm azzy for making amazing content and allways remember some fans are watching u from the start ilysm azzy

  5. Everyone mad at Molly for going in the bathroom:

    Me like: She didn't have a choice, she said the water current was too strong to get out .-.:

  6. The girl with the black hair: what if he’s a phyco? Are you going to leave me with him?
    Me: if he was a phyco why would you go meet him? Common scene

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