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HUGE STAR WARS NEWS! John Boyega Finn Disney Plus Series Coming?

By Laura Lawson / Published on Monday, 13 Sep 2021 20:18 PM / 25 Comments / 14 views

Star Wars fans, this report is REALLY interesting! According to The Hashtag Show, John Boyega will be returning to do a Finn Disney Plus show! We’re breaking down the report, talking about what this could mean for the future of Star Wars, AND going over John’s previous comments regarding negativity to Disney Plus shows. This is just the latest DOPE Star Wars news!! LET’S GET SWEATY!

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25 thoughts on “HUGE STAR WARS NEWS! John Boyega Finn Disney Plus Series Coming?”

  1. A promising start in The Force Awakens, but the promptly made him a seriously boring character only capable of screaming, "Rey!!!" Doesn't need a show, Disney. Like the Andor series, no one asked for this

  2. Id love a series about Finn becoming a Jedi. Is it possible Phasma survived? I feel like the Finn and Phasma rivalry is we were teased but never really got. It felt rushed at the end of TLJ so i think itd be cool if they met again in a series format to explore that more. Dont bring Rey, she just had an entire trilogy about her.

  3. Just make Finn teacher Grogu, who was taught by Luke and tie it all together, with flash back to Luke teaching Grogu and how he is using this to teach Finn

  4. This news is great
    In the sqeuel they opened a big door for finn,a STORMTROOPER that was a good idea.

  5. Make Finn a Jedi in training. Have him being trained by an older Grogu. Have him reunite with Rey as she attempts to rebuild the Jedi Temple, but she's been gradually descending into the darkside. Shit would be EPIC

  6. I’m not interested in any ST related content. If other people want to watch it that’s great for them, but (since I’ve retconned the sequel trilogy from my head canon) I’m not interested in consuming any ST related content

  7. I just have fundamental problems with Rey being his teacher or a teacher without really going through some stuff, on screen, given that she’s a Mary Sue that got a 5 min. training session in the beginning of The Rise of Skywalker.

  8. God I hope this doesn't happen. Nothing against John Boyega or the character, just want Disney to leave the sequels alone, so we the fans can put it behind us and move on

  9. The thing that disgusts me about the sequels is that all the characters have cool things about them and perhaps the coolest is Finn. but, the movies and the stories they are telling are absolute GARBAGE! so, i don't want to see this show. if they de-canonize the sequels somehow and want to tell the story of Finn, I am all for it. Boyega is super cool and the character is very interesting.

  10. TFA was the only good one from the sequel trilogy because Finn is the actual main protagonist. Finn fuels the plot; He defects from the FO and Kylo feels it, he saves Poe, then helps Rey escape. And he was key for the Star Killer base run. Other 2 movies use him in the background and they suck.

  11. I don't know why Josh is so opposed to retconning the sequels. Trying to push forward with an internally inconsistent universe is a bad idea in my opinion. There's no reason at all why Finn couldn't return in a retconned universe. One potential scene I like to imagine is that they use the veil of the force to undo the sequels, then as they're returning to their universe, Finn follows them through the portal, and thus begins his show of the adventures of Finn in the real Star Wars universe!

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