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Holding The Twins Together For The First Time! 😭

By Isabel Dodson / Published on Friday, 24 Dec 2021 13:22 PM / 13 Comments / 61 views

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13 thoughts on “Holding The Twins Together For The First Time! 😭”

  1. I wanted breastfeed my son tried for 3 weeks had go bottle as he was loosing weight and getting jaundice back they said I wasn't producing milk as I'd had emergency c-section body was too traumatised so please don't beat yourself up if you can't feed breast milk remember Fed is best xxxxx love n hugs anita uk 52

  2. You make me feel like how I felt when my son was in the nicu was normal. I was a crying mess also. And always stressed and emotional. It’s hard! I definitely can relate to how you’re feeling.

  3. its fine if you cry on camera Colleen because we understand (I mean Im not a mum/mom but yah) what your going through and what really matters is that you and the babies (and Erik) are OK, just remember we all are giving you support from far away.
    Wish you and the babies luck Colleen! (I mean not like you need it your to amazing for luck but uhh still)
    sorry Im so freaking awkward

  4. I’m not a NICU mama, but I’m a 2x c-section mom & your feelings on the experience are so valid. I didn’t realize that I literally have ptsd from my first childbirth. Therapist made me realize it. Sending love. ❤️

  5. I think my senior quote might be good for you or others to read, "if one day feels like too much, it is okay to take it one breath at a time, just keep breathing."

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