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HIT OR MISS? Joaquin Phoenix [JOKER MOVIE] 1/2 Statue | Queen Studios

By Marisol Rudolph / Published on Thursday, 20 May 2021 05:55 AM / 15 Comments / 47 views

Is the new Joaquin Phoenix [JOKER MOVIE] 1/2 Scale Statue by Queen Studios a HIT OR MISS? This incredible statue will feature silicone, glass eyes, rooted hair, and incredible tailoring. This will be going up for pre-order this week! What do you think of this one?

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15 thoughts on “HIT OR MISS? Joaquin Phoenix [JOKER MOVIE] 1/2 Statue | Queen Studios”

  1. If I could afford that piece right now, I would absolutely but it. The likeness of Joaquin Phoenix is just insane! I've never seen one this good! If was ever going to drop that kind of money on a piece, it would be this one. Joker is my favorite DC film, and it's actually my favorite film period. It delivers in all aspects of filmmaking. Amazing statue!!!

  2. Dude, from the thumbnail I thought it was a photo from the set of something. INCREDIBLE craftsmanship!

  3. Massive miss! At least one could introduce this piece as a long lost midget uncle that ran away to the circus. Very well put together but zero creative merit. Please stop calling this nonsense art!

  4. Thanks for such a brilliant evaluation. Think you must can't wait for got one! q(≧▽≦q)

  5. Incredible piece, this is by far 100% movie accurate. Gives JND a run for their money. I think this will be 3k minimum.

  6. Ya its definitely cool I don't think I'd own it cuz the size just not into half scale! but its so cool and real!!

  7. Such a tough call! I don't think Joaquin's joker character is legendary like Ledger and Nicholson.
    I guess time will tell with the sequels. Still, very impressive!

  8. Out of the shadows comes a dead ringer for Joker, they have made an identical copy of Joaquin Phoenix so much so it's slightly spooky.

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