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"He is an Amazing Man" – Keira Knightley Defends Johnny Depp

By Harold Thomas / Published on Sunday, 20 Jun 2021 02:19 AM / 13 Comments / 54 views

Keira Knightley Defends Johnny Depp – “He is an Amazing Man”
Keira Knightley has finally come out to defend Johnny Depp.
Johnny Depp recently lost his libel case against The Sun magazine which labeled him a WB. However, he is still not yet done with the judicial system. Not only has he appealed the verdict, but he is also pursuing a 50 million dollar defamation case in Virginia against Amber Heard, his ex-wife.
This case has had some recent developments whereby Depp will be required to turn over communications with his ex-lovers who include Keira Knightley, Angelina Jolie and Marion Cottillard.

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13 thoughts on “"He is an Amazing Man" – Keira Knightley Defends Johnny Depp”

  1. @Film Streak Why are you making stuff up? It just takes away the importance of the subject..:/


    You did not deserve him, Amber!!!
    You tried to raise your fame and clout by doing all this to him! The man worked his a$$ off to be where he is now and the only mistake he made was believing you…

  3. This is so wrong. She should be going thru what Johnny went thru when he was being cut from movies. She should be blacklisted from Hollywood for what she has done. Shame on her. She is a lieing, manipulating, damage inflicting narcissistic woman who gives women a bad name. CUT HER FROM ALL UP COMING MOVIES.

  4. Wow, I hate 2 AHs – Adolf Hitler and Amber Heard…Johnny deserved nothing of that, he seems like such a kind, gentle, caring man even though on the outside he might appear to be a little intimidating. I might be biased since I've had a celeb crush on him since forever haha but honestly I don't see why or how Amber could have done that. You're married to Johnny Depp, you're famous, you're a millionaire, and you do that? I'm sorry I'll never understand that at all.

  5. It's not Why-nona, it's Whi ( like miracle "whip") nona. Do your research and pronounce names correctly.

  6. jd and kk (same for mc) never had a romantic relationship lmao,, also keira ily but why'd it take you so long bloody hell

  7. I love she defended him after she quote potc………"the one who tried to kill him in the past and succeeded".

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