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HARRY STYLES OLIVIA WILDE preview" tarot #harry#styles#olivia#tarot

By Mollie Davis / Published on Friday, 26 Feb 2021 02:54 AM / 7 Comments / 203 views donation’s tips ” thank you please don’t go crazy! 25$ readings available still check latest description boxes love you guys. entertainment purposes only I disagree with it but must put it 🤗❤

7 thoughts on “HARRY STYLES OLIVIA WILDE preview" tarot #harry#styles#olivia#tarot”

  1. Only 2 minutes and 40 seconds in and you’ve already got Olivia’s energy right ….. she has a pisces sun, gemini moon, aquarius venus, and scorpio mars. You’re so crazy good

  2. Maybe this "someone did something" that you're feeling is her having mix feelings about her last relationship. She was engaged with the dad of her kids several years and when they broke up her team tried to make it look like they broke up at the beginning of 2020 even though there were pictures of them hugging in September, and then also Harry's team said how she was single before they start dating so yeah they both might feel bad for her ex but at the end of the day it was her relationship, so maybe that's pulling her down to go full into get current relationship

  3. Wow that's weird and rally confusing. Tahnk u though , I feel like she's start with him to distract herself and maybe make her ex jealous maybe that what u meant by manipulation, I'm not sure . But we'd love another one , u're great .

  4. You are so good and I love that you did this as practice to start. I know ya so I know! Real deal I love you!

  5. Thanks for the beautiful reading Olivia Wilde just got out of a seven year relationship and engagement with Jason the father of her children before she and Harry got involved They are living together in London now

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