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Harry Styles Bringing Olivia Wilde On Tour?! | Hollywire

By Walter Villarreal / Published on Tuesday, 20 Jul 2021 09:18 AM / 16 Comments / 26 views

Harry Styles had to previously cancel his tour for “Fine Line” due to the pandemic. But, now he’s announcing that tour is back on with some new music as well. Harry will kick off his tour at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, then perform his final stop on the tour at the forum in Los Angeles. Fans were worried that Harry wouldn’t have time for music with his new rumored romance with Olivia Wilde’s and movie career.

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16 thoughts on “Harry Styles Bringing Olivia Wilde On Tour?! | Hollywire”

  1. Isnt she filming a new movie that she hasn't even started filming, she is not gonna have the time to fly all over the states.

  2. Well if she is his girlfriend of course she would support him is common sense at least for me i dont know these people

  3. If Harry will bring Olivia on his tour concert many of his fans will not buy ticket n will not watch his concert.

  4. Well there's a click bait…switch the subject and talk about Harry's tour….bet she will in various venues. Hoorah I hope he introduces her…now theres a true measure of how much his fans want Harry to be happy….how many will boo…most likely only the immature ones who feel in their wildest imagination "if only Harry would notice me!"…. good luck with that one.

  5. The Video is really good and great and i love harry styles and i love Louis tomsillon and i love zyan malik and i love niall horan and i love liam payne

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