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Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde FANS REACTIONS on TikTok

By Rachal Bailey / Published on Thursday, 14 Oct 2021 13:20 PM / 3 Comments / 18 views

I do not ose anything. Just made a video. Have fun.


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3 thoughts on “Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde FANS REACTIONS on TikTok”

  1. The last tick tok post was clouded in jealousy, was malicious, and mean-spirited. That was a grown woman acting like a 12-year old girl suffering through her first menstrual cycle. It was pretty sad to watch. I personally thought his jean outfit was cute and it was nice to see him in clothes that made sense. He's a 27-year old man and 27-year olds wear JEANS despite what she thinks. Then again, she looked like someone who doesn't go out for fresh air unless her mommy drags her out of the house. As for her last comment about them shaking hands… it was petty. Some of y'all need to get over the fact that, Harry's a grown man and he doesn't need you picking out his dates just because you pay to see him in concert, stream, or download his music. Supporting his music doesn't entitle anyone the right to tell him who to date, who they think he should be, and or how to live his life. Harry should start checking his fans especially the racist ones, and the ones who are pretending to be his fans but are really just checking on him to still ideas to pass over to the Korean men from BTS. I am happy he keeps his mouth shut, stay's off of social media, and just continues to live his best life. I couldn't stay quiet if I were him, I'd have to pull a Rihanna and start knocking a bitch or two's head right off their neck. He's too polite for his own good.

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