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Harry Styles – Adore You (Official Video – Extended Version) | REACTION

By Sara Pinkerton / Published on Wednesday, 16 Jun 2021 19:20 PM / 6 Comments / 11 views

#HarryStylesAdoreYou #HarryStyles #AdoreYou
Harry Styles – Adore You (Official Video – Extended Version) | REACTION
This man Harry is a legend forreal, whole time I’m over here shopping I’ve been hearing some of these songs lol

Original Video:

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6 thoughts on “Harry Styles – Adore You (Official Video – Extended Version) | REACTION”

  1. All of Harry’s music videos and songs are up for interpretation but Heres my take on the adore you music video. In the beginning Harry goes into the ocean with rocks in his pockets which means that he was trying to drown himself. The fish was also trying to take its own life by jumping out of the water twice. Harry saved the fish and the fish saved Harry. The fine line album cover is seen through a fish eye lens, which I think reflects how we have saved Harry and made him into the amazing person he is today, and similarly he has saved us through his music. That’s just my take on it but there are several other theories about this music video :]

  2. I think it’s about that Harry and the fish both feel alone because they are different, they both try too kill them selves at the beginning you see Harry putting rocks in his pocket and the fish jumped out twice. But they save each other. I don’t know if im right but that’s what i get from it

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