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Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Movie Pursued By Margot Robbie

By Ramona Daniels / Published on Wednesday, 12 May 2021 20:56 PM / 16 Comments / 76 views

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Viewer Question: Aaron F – First of all a big thank you John for turning me on to the Harley Quinn animated show. My wife and I binged the whole thing in 3 days after hearing you guys talk about it so much. Anyway, did you see that Margot Robbie is pushing for a Harley and Poison Ivy movie? Do you think a film like this could work? Thanks!

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16 thoughts on “Harley Quinn And Poison Ivy Movie Pursued By Margot Robbie”

  1. When fan casting Poison Ivy I see Cara Delevingne! I think she’d be great with the red hair & she’s a little taller than Margot. I can see it but not sure if it would work.

  2. Wait, didn't I read somewhere that maggot robbie didn't want HQ to be outshined so that's why she got them to change sirens to birds of prey? Now she wants Ivy? Ps Margot robbie is a really bad HQ. Birds of prey showed how bad she is as harley

  3. Robbie threw her weight around to get BoP made with her in creative control and look how that turned out. Currently all her projects, including the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie Robbie is starring in are written by her best bud Christina Hodson … the same woman who wrote BoP, so you just know if WB green lights this then Hodson and Robbie will give us BoP 2.0.

  4. While I love Margot in the role as Harley and would love to see poison ivy honestly I don’t trust how it would be done. Plus WB isn’t going to give Harley another solo movie after the failure of BOP which lost them money.

  5. Ivy shouldnt be in a comedy kinda role first. Ivy can be frightening, I'm really hoping she shows up in Reeves trilogy. Her & Mr.Freeze need live action redemption

  6. I think they probably would want someone who is closer in age to Margot Robbie. Rashida Jones is great but she is 15 years older than Margot Robbie. I do think they need someone who has a dry sense of humor, like in the tv show because Robbie plays Harley with a touch of childishness and innocence along with her insanity that could use that sort of counterbalance.

  7. The HQ from the show was well done, Robbie's just annoying. I'll see a fixed HQ first before any romance with Ivy.

  8. I think she is good as Harley, but they gave her a solo movie and it didn't land exactly. She did well, it just didn't land for whatever reason. I think she should just do it in suicide squad. IDK I am not as in love with her or her character as everyone else. BTW Rob is great, my favorite cohost actually. Nice in a way to see Campea disagree with Rob. Sometimes it seems like they just agree on everything.

  9. I want Poison Ivy to be properly done in live action SOOO BAD!

    And I want them to be a couple just like in the show.

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