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Actress Halle Berry became a social media superstar during the pandemic. She participated in a few social media challenges and some thirst trap pics. Now her social media activity is being talked about but for some other reason. Halle Berry posted to her Instagram a photo that said “woman don’t owe you s”. Fans speculated what that meant then it all started to make sense because Halle Berry started responding to several comments. Some of the comments were harsh but Halle Berry responded not with a clap back but with a funny defense. Sounds like Halle Berry is not happy having to pay the father of one of her kids $16,000 a month in child support. Gabriel Audbry is getting a lot of money from Halle Berry and she feels he doesn’t deserve it. Halle Berry’s problem it sounds like is he’s using it to fund his lifestyle and the money isn’t going fully to the child they share.
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