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FASTER Scene – Ambush / Brother's Death | Second Kill | Smile For The Camera 🎥. – Dwayne Johnson

By Virginia Moorman / Published on Friday, 02 Apr 2021 06:54 AM / No Comments / 117 views

Warning graphic 18+ for violence

Killing the old man who say’s “Smile for the camera” as he prey’s on the innocent. The old man was the one who filmed his brother’s death. Driver kicks in his door just as he’s drugging an innocent girl and getting ready to do god knows what.

Dwayne Johnson plays Driver, a man on a mission of vengeance who has just been released from a 10 year prison sentence. Driver is only interested in one thing, getting revenge on those who killed his older brother during an ambush after a bank heist. While in prison he survived by betting down anyone that tried to challenge him and is consider a living ghost due to being legally declared dead after being shot in the head during the ambush. Shot in the back of the head, the bullet bounced off his skull, traveled around the side of his head and existed out his cheek. Refusing to die, a metal plate holds the back of his head together.

Driver has spent the last 10 years tracking down the whereabouts of all the crew members that ambushed him and his brother. Now free, he is on a manhunt to kill all of them.


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