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Fantastic Beasts 3 Is A Disaster – Might Go To HBO Max – Justice For Johnny Depp!

By Elizabeth Masters / Published on Thursday, 17 Jun 2021 23:19 PM / 21 Comments / 39 views

The reports are true… My sources can also confirm that Warner Brothers is currently nervous about Fantastic Beasts 3, with many labeling it a disaster – they are currently mulling over plans to dump it straight to HBO Max – Karma! After what they did to Johnny Depp, forcing him out of the film… this is indeed some small #JusticeForJohnnyDepp Are you surprised? Will you see this new installment in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter?

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21 thoughts on “Fantastic Beasts 3 Is A Disaster – Might Go To HBO Max – Justice For Johnny Depp!”

  1. I have a feeling this is completley false because how can we take someones word when they say "i have heard from multiple people" its just like when someone says such and such about a movie and says (i have heard from multiple resources that the movie is terrible) grace randolph anyone and plus how could he even know the movie isnt out, they are working on it, j.k. rowling is rewriting the script with writers of the harry potter films. This person is probably saying it because he still is not over the crimes of grindlewald. So all i know is this guy must be lying about fb3 being terrible and the hbo max release. Because he hasnt seen the movie yet. So dont listen to these lies. Just wait for the movie and be suprised.

  2. Lost Beyond Pluto said Amber can argue JD did it to himself that he got removed cuz of the verdict as he was the one who brought the lawsuit up in the first place

  3. Warner Brothers will lose tons of money because of Fantastic Beasts 3 and Aquaman 2. All because of major stupidity. There will be a lot of boycotting.

  4. WB chose to support the real abuser so if FB3 is a disaster that is just karma. A lot of people will not be seeing the movie anyway (including me) I will not support anyone who sides with an abuser.

  5. I'm a bit scared that we're all just naive fools and the corruptions runs too deep. I'd like to believe in justice but it seems obvious that she is backed by someone with so much influence that truth might be squandered entirely in the end.

  6. FB isn't getting any cash from our household. They can Newt into a Macy's balloon and it still won't get our cash.

  7. I just can't stop smiling right now!All this because karma has started. I have and will boycott Warner Brother's for their hypocrisy!She is going down so let them sink with her!My biggest regret was buying Aquaman 1on Playstore!Definitely not watching Aquaman 2 and or anything he was let go because of She Who must not be named !Man l named my son Harry he is 11years old .But in my opinion anyone against Johnny who is the real victim me and mine will boycott everything !

  8. "Fans have boycotted the film" Remember this quote when Aquaman 2 makes a billion dollars again haha. Its awful whats going on with Depp and Amber 100% do support Johnny but Andy is severely over estimating how much people give a shit about this. Especially when it comes to Aquaman 2. No one saw the first film just because of amber and they won't boycott Aquaman 2 just because she's in it either. She's just kind of there. Its make or break based on the IP and Jason Mamoa as a leading man. Amber is a irrelevant factor in how that movie performs.

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