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Fan Girl turned…Friend?? FT Bethany Mota!

By Leon Robie / Published on Saturday, 17 Apr 2021 04:54 AM / 15 Comments / 48 views

Meet the woman who turned me from a fangirl into an influencer! Beauty guru Bethany Mota swings by to talk about her singing career – Dancing with the Stars – and creating her own fashion line with Aéropostale!

HI UM…… STILL FREAKING OUT. K BYE… SUBSCRIBE TO @Bethany Mota even tho we all already do.


15 thoughts on “Fan Girl turned…Friend?? FT Bethany Mota!”

  1. Found you through the algorithm and I love the lineup of guests lately.
    Some advice: try not to cut off your guests 13:42 since we're here to listen to what she has to say. Seemed like you were rushing her through some parts.

  2. Jordyn is still the most sweetest star I’ve ever met. And I’ve met many.. if you’re seeing this, do you remember meeting me at 6 flags when horror night when you were getting ice cream lmao?

  3. She WAS the first YouTube star that I looked up to and begged my dad to drive me 2 hours away just to meet her and waited 6 hours in a line in massive heat just to meet her and she just left… they could have cut off the line and let us know… 100’s of people were sent away after waiting for HOURS! I’m still so upset. Then I was in LA a month later for a movie premier and she was there and I got a picture with her and felt better bc she was really sweet, but then all of a sudden she stopped creating content 🙁

  4. She was my first youtuber I saw summer 2012 actually I started my channel at 17 December 4 2011 Im from/still reside in Mexico City ive been on youtube 10 years coming December and im close to 300 subs… I may be still small but you guys inspire me

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