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Eva Mendes Explains Her And Ryan Gosling's 'Bulldozing' Parenting Style

By Jerry Bravo / Published on Sunday, 21 Nov 2021 04:20 AM / 16 Comments / 20 views

Actress Eva Mendes reveals the hardest part about putting her career on hold, what she and Ryan Gosling have in common when it comes to their parenting style and the poignant inspiration behind her clothing line for New York & Company.

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16 thoughts on “Eva Mendes Explains Her And Ryan Gosling's 'Bulldozing' Parenting Style”

  1. I love Kelly, she’s such a warm and bubbly person, but she should not have her own talk show lol. Talks over her guests.

  2. Man I miss her beauty in movies.
    They actually have chemistry, it doesn't seem forced. I would actually watch a movie called Playdate with these girls.

  3. She's so pretty and she definitely has some sexy atrative hairy forearms wish every woman would grow there forearm hair out

  4. The unused drama joly thank because professor indisputably list beneath a ambiguous chard. mundane, stupendous pint

  5. Eva lip injections don't look so good. She's still beautiful. They make a beautiful couple. N their kids are adorable

  6. Urghh Eva is so lovely and full of energy! I also love her as a business woman, she knows her product and knows how to sell it unlike a certain other brand owner and her genitalia smelling candles, who during an interview knew nothing about the function or ingredients of her products.

  7. Kelly is so much better than Ellen. Unlike Ellen she does not keep trying to be funnier than her guests and finishing their jokes.

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