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DUMB People I Found on TikTok

By Helen Zielinski / Published on Friday, 05 Mar 2021 01:00 AM / 21 Comments / 480 views

Azzyland – DUMB People I Found on TikTok. To be fair tho, we all do dumb things from time to time. Our friends accept us despite it and our family has no choice but to love us. If you wanna see more tiktok videos check out this:

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21 thoughts on “DUMB People I Found on TikTok”

  1. read the harry potter books but didnt really watch the movies i hate the people who do it the other way around

  2. im not early but can azzyland please like me its just 3 hours ago they said when you are ealy azzyland will like you so can you azzy im your biggest fan

  3. My mom said I could be anything I wanted when I was growing up:
    So I became an foam exploding toilet!!!

  4. Me: Watches "DUMB people I found on TikTok," while being dumb


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