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The world knows DoorDash for restaurant delivery, but with their new brand platform, Your Door to More, we wanted to showcase their ability to deliver just about anything. Where better to do this than the Super Bowl? Not just by telling people that DoorDash could deliver anything, but by proving it: delivering every product advertised during the Super Bowl broadcast to one lucky person.

In the days before the Super Bowl, as brands announced they were in the game, we added them to a DoorDash cart creating anticipation, excitement, and speculation about how big the prize would get. Then during the game, as ads aired, we continued to add them to our shopping cart, whether a pallet of Reese’s, four separate cars, or 60lbs of mayo – creating one epic prize that spanned 76 brands.

As the grand prize grew in scale, and absurdity, we updated consumers live. Social media was clamoring for hints and prize suggestions, and by the time our ad aired in the 4th quarter, anticipation was at a fever pitch. The film was simple: it told people to visit and enter a promo code. But of course, this promo code wasn’t going to be easy.

Some got mad, many made memes, but most got crafty, banding together IRL and online to crack the code. Our 30 second ad became the catalyst to hours of conversation, interaction, and social. People didn’t just watch our ad: they rewatched it, over and over again – some missed overtime entirely.

By turning every Super Bowl ad into a DoorDash delivery, we surpassed our goal with 11.9 billion earned impressions, 8 million+ entries, nearly 300 million earned social impressions, and 117 million viewers. But most importantly, we captured America’s attention, proving DoorDash’s ability to deliver just about anything.

One Show 2024
– Integrated, Omnichannel Grand Prix
– Social Media Grand Prix
– 2 Gold, Bronze in Brand Partnerships
– 2 Gold, Silver in Innovation
– 2 Gold in Social Media
– Gold, Bronze in Integrated, Omnichannel
– Silver in Brand-Side
– Bronze in Creative Effectiveness

Brand: DoorDash.
Creative Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, Portland
Brand-Side, In-House Agency: Superette, The Creative Studio At DoorDash.
Production Company: Lord Danger.
Production Company: Modern Logic.
Production Company: The-Artery.
Music / Sound Production Company: Field Day Sound.

Art Director: Alex Nassour.
Chief Creative Officer: Azsa West.
Chief Creative Officer: Felipe Ribeiro.
Chief Creative Officer: Susan Hoffman.
Chief Marketing Officer: Kofi Amoo-Gottfried.
Chief Strategy Officer: Andy Lindblade.
Composer: David Dahlquist.
Copywriter: Alex Maleski.
Creative Director: Bertie Scrase.
Creative Director: Christen Yumihiro Brestrup.
Design Director: Stephanie Ward.
Designer: Avery Jagre.
Designer: Elena Hernandez.
Designer: Olivia Brown.
Director: Mike Diva.
Editor: Andrew Henry.
Executive Producer: Ricara Stokes.
Motion Designer: Chris Huang.
Producer: Katie Schaller.
Strategist: Alia Thompson.
Art Director, Bodega: Juju Merten.
Art Director, Modern Logic: Eugene Guaran.
Chief Marketing Officer, W+K: Rebecca Groff.
Design Director, DoorDash Creative Studio: Adriel Teles.
Executive Creative Director & Partner: Jake Friedman.
Executive Creative Director & Partner: Scott Friedman.
Executive Creative Director, DoorDash Creative Studio: Mariota Essery.
Executive Creative Director, Modern Logic: Brandon Parvini.
Executive Creative Director, The-Artery: Elad Offer.
Executive Producer, Field Day Sound: Leslie Carthy.
Executive Producer, Lord Danger: Anthony Ficalora.
Executive Producer, Modern Logic: Monica Reimold.
Executive Producer, The-Artery: Deborah Sullivan.
Executive Producer, Wildlife LA: Helena Lam.
Founder & Executive Producer: Josh Shadid.
Group Creative Director, DoorDash Creative Studio: Rafael Segri.
Group Strategy Director: Henry Lambert.
Head Of Design Studio: Alicia Kuna.
Junior Designer: Macy Eiesland.
Senior Designer: Jim Ward.
Senior Designer: Luke Wilhelmi.
Associate Producer: Charleston Chambers.
Music Producer: Michael Frick.
Technical Director: Pavel Zagoskin.
2D Animator: Kiel Mutschelknaus.
3D Animator: Clarissa Pena.
3D Designer: Emily Davis.
3D Designer: William Mendoza.
3D Designer / Animator: Tim Devlin.
3D Generalist: Steven Ory.
Associate Analytics Director: Madeline Schulte.
Associate Business Affairs Manager: Billy Mucha.
Associate Content Creator – Copy, Bodega: Aj Abdullah.
Associate Creative Operations Manager: Sheyenne Denton.
Associate Media Director: Mary Eliason.
Brand Executive: Kieran Yancy.
Brand Manager: Gabriella Gaytan-Mares.
Celeb / Influencer Relations, Bodega: Adma Ortega.
CG Artists: Dave Stewart, Joe Grundfast, Noemi Millan, Steve Shohl.
CG Lead: Meny Hilsenrad.
Colorist: Stephen Picano.
Communications Supervisor: Joshua German.
Compositing: Aarif Attarwala, Mark French, Samantha Diaz.
Content Producers, Bodega: Amir Armstrong, Sabreen Jafry.
Creative Content Director, Bodega: Cody Dummer.

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