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Doja Cat "Best" HipHop Album & Talks Nicki Minaj | Latto Responds to Stealing an Artist Song

By Sara Green / Published on Sunday, 26 Dec 2021 00:20 AM / 17 Comments / 47 views

Doja Cat was nominated as one the best Hip-Hop albums of 2021 by Rolling Stone. During Doja’s IG live, she talks about Nicki Minaj. Latto responded to the rumors about her stealing an artist named Big Indo song.

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17 thoughts on “Doja Cat "Best" HipHop Album & Talks Nicki Minaj | Latto Responds to Stealing an Artist Song”

  1. I wish people would leave Doja alone. It’ll be different if she was being openly disrespectful or being ungrateful like some of these other broads but she hasn’t. Until then, let her be. Let her show Nicki love.

  2. When Nicki was doing pop they said she wasn’t a rapper. When she paid homage to Kim they said she was copying her, when she stopped paying homage they said she was ungrateful. People are gonna talk regardless. Doha gotta do her thing and stop listening to people

  3. Lotto is chiming into her colonizing side. Lol…
    don't do that boo you definitely have enough resources to come up with your own. Let this girl have her moment. But I do think the copied version sound better

  4. That doja just pandering Nicki and she got the most Spotify listens because she white and a pop girl she got the white crowd behind her

  5. Latto called her black girlfriend a monkey,stole from a black female business owner,and is stealing songs and looks from bw artists. How is she still a topic? She is a mini Kim k.

  6. Doja into dancehall when people stop .doja Haas machine and the white community .I will bet any one the face of female rap will change Nicki Minaj will be the last full black rapper .it will be nothing but cardi b and Nicki Minaj type that's what the industry pushing and that's sad.normani gave away her star power by collaborating with cardi b.

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