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Diva Discovery – Britney Spears

By Mellisa Hague / Published on Monday, 29 Mar 2021 05:55 AM / 13 Comments / 42 views

As a prelude to our Britney Spears discography journey that begins this upcoming Saturday I thought it would be fun to revive the Diva Discovery series and talk about my history with the legendary miss Britney Spears! See you next weekend!
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13 thoughts on “Diva Discovery – Britney Spears”

  1. It’s scary that there’s still folk out here that believe it’s Britney singing work bitch and the majority of BJ when actually it was a backup singer lol

  2. There was a lot of speculation that her background singer Maya Marie sang the majority of the vocals on this album. There are a lot of different stories about this and whether it's true or not, but either way, the album has moments where autotune or filters are used and it alters her tone to where it's almost unrecognizable. As you go through this journey you will hear the differences too…I still enjoy this album though

  3. I totally agree! A lot more to preforming then just singing. If you look at britney’s facial expressions, especially in her prime, you can see she really plays the part. Makes you feel her energy and passion.

  4. I thought I was the only person in the world who liked the Britney Jean album! By the way Britney said Work Bitch was a song dedicated to her Gay fans. If you have time you should watch her 2004 MTV special where she performs at multiple night clubs. Britney loved the gays before it was trendy.

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