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Did Harry Styles Ruin Olivia Wilde’s Previous Relationship?! | Hollywire

By Elizabeth Ochoa / Published on Tuesday, 20 Jul 2021 09:18 AM / 25 Comments / 25 views

Jason Sudeikis just broke his silence on his ex Olivia Wilde who allegedly left him for Harry Styles. This is the first time in eight months following Jason and Olivia’s split that the actor is opening up about the situation. Jason told GQ that he still doesn’t have complete clarity on why their relationship ended.

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25 thoughts on “Did Harry Styles Ruin Olivia Wilde’s Previous Relationship?! | Hollywire”

  1. Honestly, to the ones that actually believe this ridiculous fact, do you really know Harry Styles?!.

  2. Let's all love Harry for the inspiring person he is and for being a brilliant artist, thank you

  3. Don't really know much about her and Jason apart from what I read but it seems Jason's perhaps not so innocent in all of this, but who knows. As for H and O, I guess they are still at the 'watermelon sugar ' stage of their relationship. Prolonged separation with H being on tour in a few months time combined with her parental commitments and priorities will be the test. Only time will tell.

  4. Guess what? Jason bhaia loves Olivia apu very,very,very,very much. He can't live without her and he always looks so happy with her. He is her one and only true love

  5. Nooo. He didn't, maybe something happened between Olivia apu and Jason bhaia. Maybe they argued or quarreled,maybe that's the reason they broke up

  6. fake midia, tabloids, tv gossip shows, junk newspaper, youtube gossip junk, STOP LABELING EVERYONE IN GENERAL, FOCUS ON THEIR CAREER, tired of READING HORRIBLE THINGS, I DON'T HAVE TIME FOR THAT ..

  7. There are facts not present in this video. Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde's relationship had begun to crumble as
    early as January 2020 and Jason was involved with a woman named Keeley Hazel who he wrote several characters
    for in his show Ted Lasso. Jason also named a character in the same show after Keeley Hazel. Another fact Jason
    does not mention is that he and Olivia had been separated almost the entirety of 2020 and they simply made it
    official in November 2020. In the article mentioned in this video Sudeikis also made a comment saying had he met
    Harry first he would probably be the one leaving Olivia for Harry. Olivia and Jason were together for almost nine
    years and engaged for almost seven years without getting married. It's very odd for a couple who have two children
    together to not get married after such a long time. Regardless of who may have been at fault or perhaps the couple
    simply ran their course, Harry is not responsible for the demise of their relationship. Jason had been in a relationship
    with Keeley Hazel since 2014 and many felt he cheated on Olivia during this time. There are also many questions
    unanswered about Jason being the father of January Jones' child born in 2011. Right now Jason's management are
    blowing up the media with cute and heartwarming stories about his and Olivia's two children whereas last year there
    was no mention of him or his show. Personally I believe in Harry and hope he and Olivia are happy together, I also
    hope Jason Sudeikis and Keeley Hazel are happy, and at the end of this all I hope Olivia and Jason's children are happy.

  8. Harry didnt ruin anything, She chose to leave her relationship with her husband. They are both happy for once harry is really happy so just leave it alone

  9. nooooo don't you have eyes to see it's clear that harry and olivia relationship is a PR stunt and oliva is using him for fame i actually feel bad for harry and jason is jelly

  10. Jesus is your way to heaven, he paid the price for your sins. Once you believe you are sealed and saved forever.

  11. first i was kinda mad cuz Olivia left her family for Harry then i realised….i’d do that too

  12. Sorry but she lied and cheated. I'm glad Jason called her out on it! She wore that engagement ring on her finger until the first break up article came out. No wonder Jason was confused. Who wouldn't be? And harry….sorry you knew the story and you didn't care. You saw the ring and participated anyway…..that makes you just as guilty or s homewrecker!





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  14. I want to make myself clear. I don't think Harry would hurt a flee. This could be a beautiful working relationship.

  15. I don't know I just love the couple.. I love whoever Harry chooses to love. I love how thay resemble each other in this picture . Look at the eyes and the eyebrows and the other facial features. They definitely could be physically attracted to each other if they love themselves. I always noticed this a little but not as much as this picture. Not that this means anything. I just wanted to point out what I see. They are both gorgeous. She doesn't even look 10 years older. Beautiful couple.

  16. He didn't do anything it's her decision to leave her ex it's not Harry’s fault. leave him alone pls

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