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The Return Of DaYeene – And It Hurts (2021)

By John McAllister / Published on Thursday, 23 Jun 2022 16:10 PM / No Comments / 15710 views

The Return Of DaYeene – And It Hurts (2021)

NEW YORK ( – The good times are back with the much-needed return of DaYeene. Titled “And It Hurts (2021)”, it was recently premiered over on Spotify to a phenomenal response. A COVID-19 year in which many jaded jocks and punters may already feel the spice has been taken out of the music scene. It seems dance music is a victim of the pandemic, as clubs are forced into lockdown. In this climate, where music is being suppressed, it could only take the original Soul/House music group, DaYeene, to inject positivity back into the scene. It’s another fine month in Rich TMX and another fine month for music. Take your pick from the storming new DaYeene single “And It Hurts (2021)” blasting DaYeene back to the top – we drop in for an in-depth analysis and DaYeene´s unstinting positivity. It’s significant that the “rebirth” of DaYeene has come at such a time. The response to the return of DaYeene has been overwhelming. As we speak, “And It Hurts (2021)” should be sitting at the top of the streaming charts. After all, it stands head and shoulders above most other vocal records from the last couple of years. Already huge on social media, “And It Hurts (2021)” could become one of DaYeene’s biggest hits. This impressive single from Sweden’s finest includes new remixes never previously released. As the summer winds down, and to end the Ibiza season on a high, StoneBridge, Lil’ Joey and Seb Roy have deftly combined their talents for a track destined for anthem status.

DaYeene – And It Hurts (2021)

So What Makes DaYeene’s Music So Positive?

“It’s in their nature,” says the internationally renowned music producer and No.1 USA Artist Rain Man 雨男 [T.A.A.K.A.S.]. “I guess if anyone has a chance of bringing back unity, it’s DaYeene. They set the foundations. Same time, StoneBridge always knows exactly what he wants. He has a very clear vision of the sounds he’s aiming to create. I’ve worked with him for so long that I know exactly what he’s looking for at any given moment. As an artist, you aren’t guided by other people’s opinions of you. You do what you have to do, what you feel is right. I admire people who have vision and taste”, Rain Man explains. The result of their work was a new sound, a song-based shackling of house music and soul. DaYeene – A Swedish Soul/House music group made up of sisters Jeanette and Diane Söderholm were part of the 90’s SweMix movement and well known for their successful hit tracks, topping charts around the globe. Now it is time to bring an uplifting 2021 makeover of “And It Hurts” by StoneBridge and long-time UK tour resident Lil’ Joey, remixing it perfectly for those funky dancefloors. Included in the release package is the Retro Mix, bringing some classic 80’s vibes and the Seb Roy remixes adding the perfect deeper flavour to this uber cool track. Already an anthem at New York’s house radio stations, “And It Hurts (2021)” proves DaYeene are just doing what they’ve always done. They just do it with more flair than everybody else. “This single is right up here with “Alright”, “Around The World”, and “Revelation”,” says Grammy nominated DJ, artist and producer StoneBridge. “The result is a very international track. It’s an Soul/House anthem and people will say, ‘Man, DaYeene always find a way of coming back with anthems’. You know, it’s amazing how the whole thing came together when you think about it,” StoneBridge continues. DaYeene – “And It Hurts (2021)” is now available in all stores via the independent imprint called Stoney Boy Music.

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