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Crazy 1/3 Catwoman Anne Hathaway on Batpod Statue Preview

By Geraldine Cobbs / Published on Saturday, 12 Jun 2021 02:55 AM / 17 Comments / 48 views

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StoneBridge & Crystal Waters - Love Terminator
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17 thoughts on “Crazy 1/3 Catwoman Anne Hathaway on Batpod Statue Preview”

  1. Its the best piece of her on the market. Not my cup of tea it wont fit my collection but i think it would look good in yours

  2. This CW inside that moducase can look good! To be honest.. if I had your dispIay I would have put it right there since I feeI like those masks you can put them almost anywhere. Screw some shelf on some wall (quick example.. above that window where the DC Trinity is) and probIem soIved with them.. Lol

  3. Extremely impressive, but the base is muuch too simplistic. Tarmac would look awesome.
    I hate real hair, so it’s good to know there is a sculpted hair one.

  4. Lol Queen has another Loki in the works. Also the MK 1 Iron Man was awesome….I don't get excited for Iron Man suits but it was cool to see the OG suit.

  5. U must be kicking your self purchasing that Loki seeing as queens studio are going to release a new and better version.

  6. Queen is truly next level, the more successful they are the more they are going to do crazy stuff like this and push the limits

  7. Omg that beauty is massive!!!!! At least one garage shelve. Pretty museum/art gallery combination

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