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China Mac: Realistically, I'm Never Gonna Be a Drake or Jay-Z (Part 8)

By John Sparks / Published on Thursday, 18 Feb 2021 22:53 PM / 15 Comments / 206 views

Part 7:
Part 1:
In the latest clip, China Mac continued to speak on his new approach to his rap career. He claimed that he won’t realistically achieve the same mainstream success as Drake or Jay-Z so he’s decided to stop trying to compete with other popular artists such as DaBaby and Gunna. When talking about focusing his attention on his core fans, DJ Vlad explained how that approach has helped him grow VladTV.

15 thoughts on “China Mac: Realistically, I'm Never Gonna Be a Drake or Jay-Z (Part 8)”

  1. Never would I wanna be drake. I'd rather be a Jay-Z anyday over drake. The struggles were different and the journeys are different. Drake basically lied to get where he is. Jay actually busted his ass to be where he is. So my advice is be the best your mind will allow you to be. Cause anything other than that would be lying to yourself.

  2. When a person do something out of joy it a beautiful things. When you do something out of joy nobody can touch that. It like walking or breathing . Everybody has certain things about them that make them unique.Just be you .

  3. Mac sounding really downhearted about things. Maybe needs to take a break invest in management/marketing and promotion and figure it out because there’s artists out there making it work with waaaaaaaaay less talent and real life Street knowledge than him

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