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Chet Hanks' Most Controversial Moments

By Earnest Braxton / Published on Monday, 24 May 2021 09:54 AM / 11 Comments / 34 views

Chet Hanks…where to begin. Perhaps most famous for being the offspring of famed actor Tom Hanks and musician Rita Wilson, son Chet has credits of his own, having appeared in “Shameless,” “The Fantastic Four,” “Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull,” and many other shows and movies. He’s also a musician, rapping under the moniker Chet Haze and performing in various hip hop-adjacent collaborations. He’s also known for generating a brand of controversy that’s uniquely Chet. Whether he’s defiantly speaking in a mock Jamaican patois, or trying and failing to address issues related to racism and sexism without getting stuck in the mud himself. We’ll let you make the final judgment. Here are Chet Hanks’ most controversial moments.

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Addiction battle |0:00
Car accident | 1:49
Threatening Stern |2:48
Rap feud | 3:54
Conspiracy theorists | 5:03
Biden’s win | 5:49
White Boy Summer | 6:50
Branded merch | 8:06
Defending his slur | 8:58
Assault lawsuit | 9:55
Protective order | 11:02

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11 thoughts on “Chet Hanks' Most Controversial Moments”

  1. I think he should be the s o n in Turner and Hooch Junior and hopefully his girlfriend that he had a disagreement with is in the movie as well as the daughter of David Sutton surprise announcement at the end we need another really good fun movie it's been too long so try to get the original cast back and let's do Turner and Hooch junior junior it'll be lots of fun and I know it'll be a great movie let's get some Shakespeare back on this stage open up some movie theaters long overdue

  2. This is guy is a puts, why highlight him, such a wanna be, I bet this kid has only driven thru east LA on his way to the OC.

  3. They ARE ALL NOT REAL…..,,
    They are Characters from the Entertainment Industry .
    What’s been Going on Since Isaac Kappy I don’t trust ANYTHING from ANY Hanks!
    Boycott Hellyweird!

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