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Career Over Principles (h3h3,pokimane & james charles)

By Mary Blay / Published on Tuesday, 30 Mar 2021 07:55 AM / 14 Comments / 14 views


14 thoughts on “Career Over Principles (h3h3,pokimane & james charles)”

  1. I can't believe I had just committed the big sin of missing a Sen video.

    Also nice new pfp. Very snazzy.

  2. The most ironic this is that Ethan started off as one of those humble people who wanted to entertain others. Now he's because the very thing he used to critique people of being/doing.

  3. If someone I enjoy likes pokimane, is there a chance they are unaware of the scummy things she's done.

  4. Best friends are the ones that can solve your problems? Is that the mural of today's story? Leafy's channel getting taken down without strikes doesn't feel right.

  5. Honestly what h3h3 said about james charles collabing with everyone like the plague while also being a bad person she can be said about poki to. She is with EVERY single big youtuber at this point with every Collab they do and its annoying. I just make a big sigh and a pit in my gut happens when I see it. Its kinda of a double standard.

    Also its really bad to see the stuff that happens to blowblax because he has a different opinion then the bigger guys. That sets a bad sheep like example that we can see when people will follow the "popular" opinion instead of making their own minds up because they are told if they think different they are wrong.

    Also no idea why nerd city would do such things to him either. Sucks that I have another youtuber to unsub to. But if he is gonna treat others badly due to different opinions or views then I can't support him.

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