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Canceled Chrissy Crawls Back! Beyonce Constantly Disses Mariah Carey ALL THE TEA!!

By Isabel Robinson / Published on Sunday, 04 Jul 2021 21:18 PM / 10 Comments / 13 views

In this video I will be talking about #ChrissyTeigen cookbooks getting taken off the shelves, and, why didn’t you tell me about #Beyonce having beef with #MariahCarey? Mariah dropping from #Jay Z goes deep.





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10 thoughts on “Canceled Chrissy Crawls Back! Beyonce Constantly Disses Mariah Carey ALL THE TEA!!”

  1. Knowing Beyoncé, she will never say anything like that. She has always respected Mariah, and Mariah always respected her even from the beginning of her solo career. They are not on the same level. Mariah is the same level as Whitney, Celine, Madonna, etc.

  2. Mariah did not have a comeback let's be clear the Christmas album she is been gone for 26 years that's was before she was with Jay so I'm still trying to understand what they did for her maybe Mariah was calling cuz Jay z wasn't doing nothing for her career her career has straight tanked and she been with Jay z what are you talking about????

  3. Michael Costello is a racist. There was a black woman designer HE STOLE FROM. They saw each other and he decided to assault her, threw her phone and called her a n word. So in tht instance Chrissy was disgusted @ his behavior and I can give her a pass on tht situation

  4. Well Beyonce might not be Mariah but Mariah is wearing those leotards like Bey… I'm just saying..

  5. Beyonce will never be Mariah last time ⏲️ I checked Mariah at one point almost owned Sony and kinda did being her ex husband was Tommy Mottola. And took his s*** in that divorce. Beyonce is overrated.. yall celebrate a female that don't even have a GED but know how to steal a song…

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