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BRITNEY SPEARS DRAGS CHRISTINA AGUILERA: How To Deal With Unsupportive Friends | Shallon Lester

By Mirella Robertson / Published on Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021 09:21 AM / 20 Comments / 14 views

Britney Spears dragged Christina Aguilera for not speaking up about her conservatorship but is Britney WAY out of line? Um, yes. I’ll explain, and tel you how to deal with friends who don’t support you in times of stress! #britneyspears #christinaguilera #shallonlester

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20 thoughts on “BRITNEY SPEARS DRAGS CHRISTINA AGUILERA: How To Deal With Unsupportive Friends | Shallon Lester”

  1. 1. No human is obligated to speak on someone else’s business if they don’t want to. To most , it means respect.
    2. Xtina has been asked about Britney her whole life and always gets baited to be the villain. She was damned if she spoke or if she didn’t.
    3. “There is a time a place for serious conversations” this was the Latin Grammys and her team was telling her that she was up to perform soon “as they opened the latin Grammys. why talk about something so tragic on that night?
    4. You all need to know that not everyone handles things the same way. We are all different.

  2. About the teeth, I don't think it's drugs. Wasn't she bulimic for a long time? That destroys your teeth pretty badly too.

  3. If Christina had no problem talking about Britney on Twitter, then what was the issue when asked in person ? If Christina claims to be a feminist like she says she is and supports other women, then keep that same energy. Also Christina didn’t really answer the question. They asked xtina if she had any communication with Britney. She said, “sorry, but I’m happy for her tho”. That didn’t really answer the question, if she did it would’ve been a simple quick Yes or No. People are mad because of the way it looked, ppl though that she was being fake and didn’t care. Right when the report said Britney’s name, she looked away and that’s when that guy pulled her and said, “ I’m sorry we’re not doing that tonight, bye” and Christina said, “ sorry but I’m happy for her tho” and then left quickly. It made it seem fake and that she didn’t care. She even made a weird face when she was asked the question.

  4. 1. Britney didn’t support Aguilera too, when she told about family violence in her childhood (what’s a huge problem nowadays). 2. They were never friends. And mass media always confronts them. That’s why this video was edited. Whatever she says she’s always a mean girl!

  5. Am surprised she lash out to Christina, but she was a forgiving to Justine Timberlake who literally manipulated her and their brake up , shading her in his first album & her current boyfriend who was proved to be paid by her dad in order to have an eye on her… Control her…why she is angry to women and not the men who literally manipulated her and abused her?

  6. Shallon, she's just had the free Britney movement – that is the world standing up for her. I really don't think it's about having a teen mindset

  7. I will say that if anyone is considering getting a Cameo from her, she gave me one of the best pep talks of my life lol

  8. Literally just cancelled on a friend of mine who wanted to go out for a beer because I'm super sick and she's pissed off. Rethinking our friendship

  9. If you say you know what you’re talking about make sure you know the full story. Fake news against Christina like always. Ewwwwww you’re so fake and gross.

  10. Fake “friends” read the heartfelt messages Christina wrote to her months ago. This Cheeto woman needs serious help.

  11. Her manager who proposed the conservatorship tried it on Lindsey Lohan first, her horrendous mother was all up for it because it gave her access to Lindsey's wealth but fortunately, her father put a stop to it because he has a soul I guess. Then she moved on to Britney and her father (who had been absent most of her life, dropping in and out) immediately latched onto. Both Lindsey and Britney are vulnerable women but conservatorships are reversed for those how have completely lost their faculties and they most certainly do not continue to go to work when under the control of one. For that reason alone it is clear that this arrangement was always meant to control Britney and her wealth, not treat her. Her mental health, in my opinion, has been worsened by the situation, not supported by it. Britney may well be on the warpath but she deserves some grace given her situation.

  12. Maybe her teeth moved because she stopped wearing her retainer. Who knows. Love Britney not gonna kick someone when they are already down. She deserves light and love right now.

  13. Those bangs suit you the best, as well as the hair color! And you got me thinking I need that white eyeliner asap!

  14. I agree Shallon , but it was very traumatic maybe we should consider the pressure and the toll on her mentally this whole situation….she was very fragile and she felt really alone

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