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Britney Spears Christina Aguilera BEEF?!? My unpopular but HONEST opinion

By Ashley Robinson / Published on Wednesday, 24 Nov 2021 09:21 AM / 11 Comments / 22 views

Just in case I wasn’t clear…

I have zero time for a Britney Spears Christina Aguilera beef!! Shout out to my YouTube friend Kailey Davis who brought this to my attention on Instagram in the most profound way.


I call shade on this entire situation. Christina Aguilera doesn’t seem like a “beef” type of person, especially after a fabulous ensemble performance at the Latin Grammys with some young Latina artists like Becky G. This one particular red carpet interview was probably one of hundreds, so she might have answered differently in another interview, but got exhausted of it by this point. I do believe in the benefit of the doubt but I also would just rather skip all of this and get to the music. A Britney Spears Christina Aguilera collaboration is exactly what the world needs right now. Can you imagine?

Let the record show that I spoke and I spoke for PEACE and COLLABORATION! If the song, which we all fiercely deserve, ever does come to pass, then I will have done my part in the greater game that is white girl 90s pop music.

As you can tell, I like to be Switzerland in situations, or “see both sides.” However, I still think they both were a little messed up. Christina Aguilera is a very established artist and I couldn’t tell if she just didn’t feel like answering OR if she simply just couldn’t answer because of that man. IDK! And Britney, at this point, just needs assurance that she knows who she can trust. I truly believe that Christina and Britney have NO real beef and we should all just move it along! The Britney Spears x Christina Aguilera collaboration is imminent, as least in my imagination, and I will always only encourage collaboration over competition!

Apparently, Britney also tweeted something at Christina denying her support and also to Jeffree Star? Christina has been quoted saying she’d like a “private chat” with Britney, which I think would get all of this squared away in no time.

I also read way too many psychology books so these types of situations with underlying tension always fascinate me.

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11 thoughts on “Britney Spears Christina Aguilera BEEF?!? My unpopular but HONEST opinion”

  1. What a mess!!!! Trying to manifest the biggest pop collab of the century over here. Hope you enjoyed! SUBSCRIBE for more!

  2. Brit hates Xtina that's for sure at this point in time, she is still posting about gaga supporting her, but we know Xtina loves Britney and that is genuine…

  3. Let's appreciate how Xtina looks stunning at Latin Grammy, that's a great look there and it has been voted the best dressed…

  4. I think context is important, the video you showed is not in full. Before the brit question the publicist had told them they were done. So one of the media asked the Britney question right after. When she turns back she was actually grabbed, there’s another view of the video. I think the issue is Xtina has just signed with roc nation (jay z label) a whole new team and they seem 100% focus on the music. I think Xtina was thrown off but tried to answer anyway. I think it was blown out of proportion. And Britney didn’t help by getting her gays trashing Xtina.

  5. Fair enough it was Christina's night but he should let her talk. I heard they are going to at some stage. Apparently Christina is reaching out.

  6. I agree about there being too much negativity & wanting something to bring people together is much needed! Missy Eliot would be a great collaborative effort with these two

  7. Honestly yeah i think that guy made it look way worse than what it was and britney reacted to just that clip out of context BUT I LOVE THEM BOTH

  8. I just feel like we've come so far to stop constantly pitting women against each other. I wish Britney well but I hope that she also learns how to Internet a little bit more thoughtfully. I also wish that we would stop as a society looking for reasons to bash people. It's just so unnecessary. then when something serious actually happens it's like people are so tired from the drama from unimportant things that they feel drained to even address it

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