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Britney Spears Calls Out Christina Aguilera For Remaining Quiet About Her Conservatorship!

By Helen Bailey / Published on Monday, 29 Nov 2021 17:21 PM / 16 Comments / 78 views

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16 thoughts on “Britney Spears Calls Out Christina Aguilera For Remaining Quiet About Her Conservatorship!”

  1. If Brittany feels that way is fine she's been quiet for so long and now is speaking up for herself. Christina could've just said I'm so happy for her in a post like Lady GaGa did

  2. It’s okay that Britney spoke out about it – it was how she was feeling and she’s been silenced for 13 years – let her GO OFF!! Christina Aguilera could have said something genuinely kind about it – the way she whined “I’m happy for her” was disingenuous and I don’t blame Britney for being outraged about it.

  3. I get Britney's frustration. People who don't really know her have been fighting for her but Christina is quiet and she knows her personally. Idk it's a tough one. I think Britney is just in a space where she is over being silenced and is wanting to live her life authenticity.

  4. Well your damned if you do and damned if you don’t. I did read what Christina had said and it was kind. Brittany has been though a lot I agree but it didn’t look like anyone could help. Help didn’t come until Brittany spoke in court herself. No one had any idea of what she was going though until they her it from her.

  5. I don’t think Britney would just call her out unless maybe there’s stuff we dunno about? Great video Elle bee ya legend

  6. Why is Christina being called out? This is Brittney's issue. Dragging old "friends" into this is uncalled for. If she's not careful, her comments could bite her.

  7. I am happy for Britney, but I'd have more respect for her if she just stuck to thanking those who offered support on their own.

  8. I honestly don't have complete knowledge of what all has happened with Britney…what I DO KNOW, is that Britney is and was an adult when all of this went down. Even as a parent, I wouldn't have the right to imprison my adult child. What I have heard, is that she was a "harm to herself" and as a mother of a 35 yr old, I would absolutely be heartbroken to see my "child" spiral downward, BUT it wouldn't be my right to hold them hostage. So, from what I know, I'm happy for Britney that she has her life back and a say so, in what happens, with her own life.

  9. Christina did absolutely nothing wrong! I mean come on now………She did say that she was happy for her, what more does everyone want her to do? She could have said absolutely nothing but she said that she was happy for Brit even after her PR person practically told her not to say anything.

  10. People saying Christina didn’t have to comment on her conservatorship? Are they for real? Britney and Christina used to be best friends back in the day and know each other well .. imagine if you had a close friend who you’ve known since you were small kids .. yes they might have argued in the past and have had ups and downs but to sit there for 13 years and say nothing? When lady gaga (someone who Britney doesn’t really know or isn’t even close to) spoke up for Britney .. I’m sorry but I can see why Britney feels the way she does

  11. Christina did nothing wrong. Any statement given would be picked apart by the media. Brit needs to focus on her life now and not go to a place she doesn't wanna go.

  12. It wouldn't of hurt for Christina to of said a few words she could've told her publicist it's okay I can say a few words but she chose not to I think some people forgot she didn't have social media at that time and didn't see anyones messages I feel Christina could of said something kind to let Britney know I got you girl and I have your back and you deserve every bit of your freedom

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