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Britney is Free, The first Rust Lawsuit is filed plus Astroworld Updates | The Emily Show Ep. 115

By William Epling / Published on Friday, 19 Nov 2021 02:20 AM / 26 Comments / 30 views

Britney is Free, The first Rust Lawsuit is filed plus Astroworld Updates

It’s been a busy few weeks in the law. Today I cover the Britney Spears conservatorship that has finally ended, the Kyle Rittenhouse trial that is now with the jury, the first lawsuit is filed in the Rust tragedy and the updates on the Astroworld lawsuits. When I started covering the Britney Spears conservatorship case two years ago I was unsure if Britney would be able to get out of this conservatorship. Four months ago, her new attorney Rosengart, changed everything. It’s so nice to see her finally get justice. The Rust lawsuits are starting and there will be more to follow, but not as many as I am expecting in the Astroworld tragedy.

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00:00 Welcome
01:12 Podcast Quote
01:29 Intro
01:58 Britney is Free
08:10 Greenchef Sponsor
10:42 Kyle Ritttenhouse Trial
22:34 The First Rust Lawsuit is Filed
33:40 Manscaped Sponsor
36:00 Astroworld Updates
44:40 Emily’s Thoughts

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26 thoughts on “Britney is Free, The first Rust Lawsuit is filed plus Astroworld Updates | The Emily Show Ep. 115”

  1. Yeah I'm thinking Helena ….he either cheated with her or she knew dirty stuff she was going to tell..or someone did. Way too suspicious.

  2. Yet….review the last 10 cases of open carry shootings and the "trigger" events and try to follow a coherent and reasonable logic to the actions of the participants. Hello Chaos, my old we meet again…Will this case become useful for precidence?

  3. My crim law professor said that the prosecutos seemed to intentionally make the judge angry and crazy in order to declare mistrial if they lose

  4. A gun should NEVER be pointed at anyone unless you are going to use it, that is how accidents happen. When teaching our boys how to shoot (at a range) we trained them to make sure the chamber is empty and the clip removed before they put it down. It is the uneducated who think guns kill. It is people who kill, even if it is an accident.

  5. I sat a jury that 11 of us wanted to aquit and 1 wanted to hold out. We were finally able to get the juror to admit that there was no evidence presented to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. It was frustrating and took way too long.

  6. Rittenhouse wouldn't have had to defend himself if he wasn't open carrying a weapon so commonly used in mass shootings in this country. It's reasonable to assume, even if the gun is legal to carry, that somebody carrying a weapon of that type intends to use it.

  7. If Travis didn’t stop this behaviour in the past when somebody got paralysed, then he wanted people to get hurt. Anybody else would have been to traumatised/horrified to pull this bullshit again.

  8. Travis Scott was charged twice !!! At another concert when someone went to touch his lowlife shoe ..he started chanting “F him up f him up” tells someone to jump off a balcony …come on that’s inciting people to harm others and to harm themselves he’s a disgrace!!! I hope he never works again !!! And no one should insure him …ever !!!

  9. I saw you on the RekietaLaw's channel today with the Rittenhouse trial. I wanted to comment that you using profanity like you were is very off-putting. Not everybody wants to hear profanity. Some of us are also at work listening to commentary in the background, and there you are with the F-word every 5th word in your comments. It's inappropriate.

    Can you, a lawyer with a large vocabulary at your disposal, not find better ways to phrase the things you have to say, and to make the points you have to make? Must it be profanity? Is that the only way you have to be assertive?

    Dig deeper, Emily. Do better.

  10. Clearly gun safety rules were not followed by Alex!! My husband is a federal firearms instructor. My kids even know not to point guns at people, unless you’re aware of your surroundings and the gun. This is mind blowing!! So many errors. But heartbreaking… those poor families involved.

  11. On the Rust movie set loaded gun issue, why are there real bullets anywhere near a prop gun? Doesn’t sound right. On the Astroworld concert issue, Someone said on the ticket stub it says the venue & the co. Putting on the concert are not responsible for any damages or injuries. Is that true? But I know anyone can sue anyone regardless.

  12. Do any Americans believe In the second amendment any more? Seems like they do not on the whole.

  13. I hope Alec Baldwin paid for Halyna Hutchins funeral, and will pay for her son's college education and financial support to her husband for the loss of Halyna's income as well as counseling for her husband and son! He should also do some jail time for his blatant disregard for human life and negligence!

  14. So glad I don’t live in Wisconsin.. I mean who needs to have a 17-year-old walk around with an AK-47 on the street just because

  15. can i just tell u tbh i don’t know shit about legal stuff but i really like ur personality? it’s just cool and spunky i think we’d get along so well

  16. The Wis State Statute regarding gun length is only about 20 years old. The intent was ţo define limits for the young men who go deer hunting. Years later, open carry came along in Wisconsin. Deer. Duck. Turkey. It's Wisconsin, and hunting seasons are high points on the year. (BoysTrip. That said, there are plenty of women hunters. ) Then there is hunting on the Rez… This Wisconsin Statute needs to be addressed and updated.

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