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BREAKING! Jamie Spears Files To End Britney Conservatorship?! – FACT CHECK

By Rozella McAllister / Published on Wednesday, 08 Sep 2021 02:19 AM / 17 Comments / 24 views

BREAKING! Jamie Spears Files To End Britney Conservatorship?! – FACT CHECK

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17 thoughts on “BREAKING! Jamie Spears Files To End Britney Conservatorship?! – FACT CHECK”

  1. Rosengart would've NEVER went on the attack with accusations without 100% proof or he'd ruin his credibility and future. He speaks with anger and it's bc he knows soooo much more.

  2. Yo! Andy! It looks to me like Jamie has been tipped off by the court! Or judge. They are all guilty. Jamie won’t be the only one who’s uncovered using Brittney’s money, imagine; all the people(doctors, accounts, lawyers) connected to keeping these conservators paid.
    Jamie is NOT the only one rosengaurd is going after. He’s just the only one in the spot light. The fall guy. Mark my words.

  3. @Josue Veguillia – re Daily Mail comments which are heavily pro Dad. "Media Matters" money, I suspect Dad spears has been buying bots on the DM. The Daily Mail is just a step above TMZ btw.

  4. Great work!! We did it!! We did it!! I hope she cleans house—including Sam!! I don’t trust him whatsoever. I’ll continue to pray for her. Nice work!!

  5. As a Mother this is just “Absolutely Disgusting Beyond Any Imagination To Do To Your Own Child” Britney has lost a huge “Special Time Of Her Life & Her Children’s Lives”…..

    Britney Deserves Every Single Person Involved To Be Caught & Truly Believe There Has Been Pay-Off’s Absolutely Every Where….
    Like Britney’s Coy-fish Pond She Wants “There Is A Lot Of Big Fish To Catch In A Small Pond….

    I Also Believe “The California Legal System With There Conservatorship’s Laws Failed Britney & Handed Her On A Platter To Be Abused For Way Way Too Many Year’s To Count”…..Seriously Who Hands “Full Control Of Anyone To An Alleged Abusive, Aggressive Known Prior Alcoholic….

  6. Of course he wants to end it NOW! So the accounting can’t be done and he can get away with what he has done SCOTT FREE!! That’s going to be a no Dad Spears… a NO! I hope her lawyer takes him for all he’s worth.

  7. The reason Rosengart wants to keep it open is because it needs to stay open to search the accounting. That is why Jamie is trying to close it! Jamie is a POS and is pissed Rosengart won't let him pay lawyer fees or anything anymore!

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