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Brad Pitt SUES Angelina Jolie Over Millions of Dollars!

By William Epling / Published on Thursday, 23 Sep 2021 05:20 AM / 14 Comments / 35 views

Brad Pitt SUES Angelina Jolie Over Millions of Dollars!
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14 thoughts on “Brad Pitt SUES Angelina Jolie Over Millions of Dollars!”

  1. Jolie is a manipulator and its obvous who she really is she looks older than him lol i think they both are spoilt brats with all their luxuries but im glad to see brad fight back as i think he deserves to be a father to his children

  2. This is only a contrutive thing. Just in case you have to say it again in the future. Chateau is pronounced Cható. I wan't to keep knowingat what's going on whit this pair. Keep it up dude.

  3. ain't it cool when the leftist has-beens and globalist elites eat each other alive — are those 2 even remotely relevant anyway? is this eve worth of reporting I mean what celeb isn't suing each other or in divorce court year in year out hehe

  4. Spreading the news. SEC did a live today on new inconsistencies revealed by a lawyer on May, 21, 2016 incident. Big AHA moments. If you miss the rerun she'll be breaking it down into videos in the next week. Worth seeing. It regards what the first officers saw vs what AH said.

  5. When this story first broke I never believed one word out of Joline's mouth. She is a bitter controlling manipulator who used those kids to try and control and hurt Brad. Their son came out publicly to slander the man and just made me sick. She has turned those kids against him with lies.

  6. Angie bought the place before she married Brad. He redecorated it with his money , do not know what he spend, but the decorator sued him. He claimed 60% of the value. their wine won top prize in contest. He did Angie so dirty over the place, and hurt her so much . I think he should just walk away out of respect for ngoe and the children

  7. Hello john i hope you are having a great day you never know what the future holds in this crazy times great work btw like always

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